Monday, October 27, 2014

Two New Rockman Albums Dated for 2015

Capcom will be kicking off the new year in Japan with two new Rockman soundtracks, Gamer reports. Rockman Utopia and Rockman Disopia are due out on January 14th and February 11th, respectively.

Spearheaded by Basiscape, the same group behind the 25th anniversary techno and rock soundtracks, the albums will feature concept arrangements. Rockman Utopia spotlights music from the classic series, described as "light, techno pop" arrangements. Rockman Dystopia, meanwhile, has X series music with a "tragic hardcore techno" style.

Each album is a single disc and retails for 3,300 Yen (roughly $31 US). First prints will ship with a special paper craft graphic -- classic Rockman for Utopia, X for Dystopia.

Source: Gamer (via Heat Man)


  1. I hate the fact that the other series get the raw end when it comes to music arrangement albums, but I'm willing to look past that. What I really hate though, is the constant use of the same tunes over and over. If they are gonna keep spamming Classic and X arrangements, for the love of good please at least use some different tunes. I'll flip a lid if WC2, theme of MM2, Airman, X vs Zero, Opening Stage MMX1-2 or even 3, Counter Hunter or any of the other obvious choices hog the album.

    1. I agree. Sick and tired of the same damn themes being re-arranged. The other 2837489734 songs need love too! They're not THAT bad...

  2. I don't like the idea or the cover and the price is ridiculous.

  3. Wohoo more merchandise people
    Let;s buy it and make capcom think we care Megaman the merchandise not the game itself.

  4. And people said the series would improve after the announcement of Xover's eventual end.



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