Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rockman Zero Hits Japan Virtual Console Next Week

Wii U owners in Japan will be able to download the first Rockman Zero next week on the 22nd. Naturally the game will run for 702 Yen.

Of course, whether or not North America or Europe will see it that soon remains undetermined. But hey, I figured you might appreciate the heads-up.

Source: daikai6


  1. Such nostalgia, I remember back them, this pic was the image that actually sold me on the whol MMZ concept.

    Before playing the games and getting to know how amazing they were, of course.

    1. We always get the lazy covers, although I did like it. At least its not as bad as the EUR covers...

    2. I actually like the simplicity of the US covers better :/

  2. An American and European art versions are ugly. This Japanese art version is better. :)

  3. I really don't see why anyone would want this! Capcom probably wants to make as much money as possible off this, but they have DS games on the WiiU now, right? why not release the Zero collection? it had way more content!

    Everyone who has a wii U should have a 3DS anyway, so just get the Zero collection for DS! it's like $20 on amazon!


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