Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mega Man Coming to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Outed at Capcom's New York Comic Con panel, Mega Man is headed to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Players can outfit their Palico in classic Mega Man armor. When equipped, the helper cat uses a Rush Hammer to aid you in battle. As a nice touch, he makes various 8-bit noises, such as Mega Man's "death sound" when he retreats.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is due out in North America in 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Inside-Games, Capcom Unity


  1. That 8-bit banner doesn't seem to be borrowing assets from any official Mega Man game that I can remember. Did they make that just for this image?

    It's soul-crushing that the only reason they'll acknowledge Mega Man is when they've thrown him into Dead Rising and Monster Hunter. Spoiler Alert, Capcom: I'm still not buying Dead Rising or Monster Hunter.

  2. That banner is god-awful. As it Capcom's apparent contempt for Megaman and related characters. It's very apparently Capcom knows that Mega Man is still a money-maker. Otherwise they'd stop throwing him into everything. But I guess they see the series as a financial risk, as far as making a new game. It's very disappointing.

    Honestly, if I do end up buying this game, it's going to be for Isabelle from Animal Crossing, not "Mega Nyan". As cute as that is, I think it would just be a huge distraction, especially with all those retro noises.

  3. As if I didn't have enough reasons to buy this game. I've been waiting for something Mega Man related in these games for some time now. 2015 can't come soon enough!

  4. Sop, they have the resources to fit Mega Man into all of their AAA titles, willing to allow Nintendo to put the Blue Bomber into SSB3DS/WIIU, and give Archie the rights to make a comic about him, BUT THEY WON'T MAKE ANOTHER GAME!?!?!? CapCom is a troll. They know that we're mad at them, and unless they make a REAL MM game(Not this Xover, Street Fighter crud), then I'll give them a second chance, but until then, I refuse to purchase any game developed by Capcom, including Strider and Ducktales: Remastered. I that dead serious.

  5. Missed opportunity to have Mega Man as himself & have Tango as his Felyne companion... The Rush Hammer is interesting though! Yet another use Rush can add to his repertoire. Shame this game isn't on the WiiU though I prefer playing when at home, but this inclusion may convince me to get MH4U...

    1. I wish:

      Hunter armor set: Mega Man.

      Companion armor: Mega Man, Rush, Eddie, Beat and Tango.

      Weapons (Hunter & Felyne): Mega Buster (Gunlance, Bowguns and Bow versions), Rush (Hammer, S.Axe), Eddie (Hammer), Beat (Sword&Shield, Lance, H.Horn) and Tango (Dual Blades and Felyne weapons)

      And Proto Man Hunting Horn *whistles* XD


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