Sunday, October 5, 2014

PSA: Mega Man The Complete Series Now Available

Just like the headline says, the complete Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon series has officially arrived (once more) on DVD courtesy of Discotek Media.

The 4-disc set comes in an exclusive NES-inspired slipcase complete with totally radical stuff on the back. The discs are designed to look like NES cartridges, and the menus are straight out of Mega Man 2. As for the episodes themselves, quality is on par with the previous ADV Films sets. They're encoded at NTSC 480i so you won't notice a significance difference. I'm sad to say there are no extras this time around.

If you don't already own the ADV collections, this set should be right up your alley. Hardcore collectors, too, probably. Those interested can pick it up for $44.95 from Amazon.


  1. Grab the popcorn and practice your Tom Servo impressions, everyone!

  2. Nah, America version is too weird and Megaman was too mascular ? Rockman is cute and really chubby!! Jeez! I prefer Japan series version but they never had one. No, I am not talking about Rockman OVA. :)

  3. Those screenshot captions.....=P

    1. I know! I didn't notice it before, but the fact that they reference Pharaohman's infamous rejection of the "Now I've got your power!" line is pretty cool and pretty funny! He is, after all, only one of what... three robots that did that?

  4. So when are we gonna get rips all all the sprite edits in the DVD menus?

  5. I would rather pay $25.00 or less for one of the sets (including the cost of shipping if applicable).


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