Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rockman Xover Update Brings EX World 1, Strongest Armor Yet

The time has come for another Rockman Xover update. This update brings the new EX World 1 stage, which is a more challenging version of World 1 with the same bosses. To obtain the EX World, simply defeat all World 1 bosses at Level 8.

Furthermore, OVER-1 is getting a new armor. Dubbed OVER-2 Spec 2, it's currently the most powerful armor in the game, rendering previous armors obsolete. I guess it's safe to assume Spec 2 models of previous armors will be along some time. Hit up Capcom Unity for more images.

Thanks, Django!


  1. Still no Legends or ZX themed world and they're reusing assets now. Classy.

    1. World 10 is ZX I believe for Over-Z.

    2. Actually, the previous World added was ZX themed, with Fistleo, Lurerre, Hurricaune, and Hivolt as bosses.
      Only Legends is left. I wonder who the bosses will be...
      Blumebear / Bola
      Bon Bonne / Klaymoor
      Tron: Ferdinand / Hover Gustaff
      Teisel: Marlwolf / Blitzkrieg
      Secret: Juno / Sera

  2. Anyone who cares is a traitor!

  3. Isn't that kind of the game's MO for making money? Introduce new difficult world that is really only beatable with the newest current hotness that costs a pretty decent chunk of change, and then obsolete it the next time a new world rolls around?

  4. "Fully customizable characters! But here's the most powerful armor, so you probably won't want to stick with the others. Also, here's a redux of World 1 for high-level players."

    Someone's been taking pages from Blizzard Entertainment's Manual of Style, I see.

  5. Anybody that said this Pay to Win kind of RPG wasn't going to happen to Xover while we were already calling it on its very obvious schtick, has now been proven very wrong.

  6. I used to like this game, somewhat, back when it allowed actual play without it being Pay To Win.

    I liked the armor designs, the familiar faces, the customization aspects, and even the social stuff.

    But I just can't play this anymore. I'm sick of working to obtain a very strong card, level it up to Maxed out levels, just to see it be obsolete as soon as the next World is revealed.
    And it's much harder to do this when playing it all without paying a single cent.

    Oh, and I'm now completely SICK of the main theme.

  7. Armor design has never failed to impress me even for a game like this.


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