Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Rockman X Sound Box Details

Over on Rockman Unity, Ucchy brings us a sneak peek of the Rockman X Sound Box, the all-new Mega Man X soundtrack compilation. Ucchy confirms the 12-disc set will feature a total of 490 pieces from the entire X series, including the likes of Command Mission, Xtreme and Xtreme 2, and Maverick Hunter X. The complete tracklist is now available at e-Capcom.

The e-Capcom page reveals even more music goodness.  First, we are now able to confirm that both the SNES and PSX versions of Rockman X3's soundtrack will be featured. Second, Capcom is throwing in tracks from rare Rockman X8 Special Sound CD (according to Ucchy, they had a bit of trouble hunting the source for this guy down!). Lastly, Capcom is packing in unused music from X1 on the 12th disc. It's a single track, but it's bound to be interesting.

The Sound Box is still on track to release December 18th for ¥12,600 (roughly $129 US). Although it's currently a Japanese exclusive, CD Japan is prepping stock for importers. Might be expensive, but it's definitely turning out to be quite the collection!

Source: Rockman Unity (thanks, CAPKobun!)


  1. "Capcom is packing in unused music from X1 on the 12th disc"

    Must be the White City music : )

  2. I already have the X1~6 box and X7 but...

  3. Stop sell this useless music.. THey wants our money, jeez. Please make a new games or leave us alone with no more useless musics and figures!

  4. long they going to keep on selling merchandise....honestly from the look of it,any Megaman related product will just stuck as merchandise instead of an actual game.At least game like Dynasty Warrior,Call of Duty,Sonic get at least a game no matter what the rating and how much profit it made instead of merchandise over and over like Megaman...

  5. The... the what now? Unused music from the first Rockman X...? I didn't know there was any... I mean, everyone knows about the unused tracks from X5 and I believe X6 (which doesn't seem to be included in this set?)... but is Capcom talking about the engine test track at located at B0 in the Sound Test? ( If they are, I'm going to be sorely disappointed. As it is, I already think it's a ploy to get people to buy this thing. "New, unheard audio from the first game!" Right'o, Capcom. Right'o.

  6. The box is not exclusive to e-capcom, is sold everywhere in Japan and I wouldn't call a reprint of the Rockman X8 Special Sound CD, is not like it will come in his own case with the original booklet, the only thing they are doing is throwing the track in the last disc.

    1. It's a reprint:

    2. Is not a reprint, he is showing the case just for the show, the tracks are included in the 12 CD and the cases are taller and slimer than a regular CD case.


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