Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Preview Pages for Mega Man #31

Heads-up! The thirty first issue of Mega Man will be blasting its way into comic shops and newsstands soon. While you wait for the mailman, head over to Destructoid for a full five-page preview. Both variant covers on also on display, which, might I say,  look fantastic.

Mega Man #31, the third part of "Blackout: The Curse of Ra-Moon," pits Mega Man and Break Man against a common foe. The fate of the globe rests on the estranged brothers' reunion!

You can check out all the action here.


  1. Who... who drew that? That is some really ugly artwork... I mean... just... eaugh, no.

    1. He's not crazy if he's talking about the in-comic artwork, which indeed is disgraceful.

      The covers are amazing, though.

    2. W-WHAT?? That style looks fantastic!

    3. Something about it just looks horribly off, to me. Maybe it's the exaggerated pose the fat, chubby, overly- aggressive Megaman is striking, or maybe it's the weird proportions and the extra doodads on Breakman that's throwing me off. Iceman looks a bit off, too.

      But that's just my opinion.

  2. You're not alone, the art style for the cover doesn't appeal to me either. It's not bad, I won't go that far, but it's not the best either. My favorite covers are the ones that Ben Bates draws. He has a real solid grasp on Mega Man (and Sonic) that I actively look forward to seeing.

  3. It has an amateurish tone to it but it's not altogether bad. The composition is really good and I like all the poses of each character. I just think the style leaves a lot to be desired.


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