Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Check Out Mega Man and Co. in "Street Fighter X All Capcom"

Street Fighter X All Capcom is launching in Japan next week for Android and iOS. The game is a "hero training RPG" which is played with card battles. Over 500 Capcom characters are represented, including handful of Mega Man familiars.

So far fourteen characters from Mega Man, Mega Man X and Mega Man Legends have been confirmed, each represented in a unique "chibi" art style. See what they look like after the jump below!

Courtesy of Rockman Unity and Dengeki Online:

(Top: Cut Man | Bottom: Tron Bonne)


  1. Nice to see that Trigger's part of the line-up. ^^

  2. Game doesn't look like the most exciting thing ever.

    The art is nice though. I kind of like the style.

  3. Game: Meh.
    Artwork: OMG!!! Wish to see more!
    Isn't there also art of Bass and Dr. Light?

  4. It comes out next week apparently. Actually as of last night it was supposed to be out on the 18th. But now the site says the 19th.

  5. Haha, the artists even got the classic "RockMan finger quirk" down. (See MetalMan.)

    The cutesy style reminds me a lot of CardFighters Clash for the NGPocket. Also, it amazes that even while super-deformed, Zero!Zero looks fierce.

    1. You can't tame Zero or his hair, even when suppose to be cute.

  6. X1 Armored X and MMZ Zero look pretty slick. Nice art.

  7. Its horrible but art is a beauty of Rockman. If it is free.. why not ? Is it going to be free like Rockman xover?

  8. Nice to see Trigger involved. But no EXE or Xover? They both seem perfect for this, especially considering how the combat is....

    Also I see we're relying on Wily theme for Megaman fanservice. God damn can we find another theme Capcom, you're overusing it.

  9. Man get Trigger outa here, I really hate the fact that that character and series is a part of my favorite one.


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