Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jasco Reveals Dr. Wily Mini Figure for Mega Man Board Game

As we await the launch of the Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter, Jasco has released another glimpse of what additional funding can provide. Following the previously revealed Proto Man, Mega Man and Cut Man figures, Dr. Wily's figure has come to light. Lab coat, hair, 'stache... he's got it all.

The Kickstarter, which is not for funding the actual game, but raising money for additional components and features, is slated to launch as soon as Capcom gives it the go ahead. For more details, hit up the official Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned!

Source: Mega Man The Board Game


  1. It's been "slated to launch soon!" for months now.

    Wonder if Capcom is having second thoughts. Can't say I blame them Jasco doesn't exactly have a good track record with quality licensed products.

    1. "Jasco doesn't exactly have a good track record with quality licensed products."

      Well then Capcom should be happy. They're all about terrible worthless trash these days.

    2. If something happens, we will always have RockBoard.

      But that's such a nice Wily miniature...

    3. It's a board game. How can you screw that up?

      If the kickstarter goes through, I might buy the game just to display the pieces.


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