Saturday, November 9, 2013

Check Out "Pock Rock" Running on PlayStation Vita

By way of Skyghene22, here's an in-depth 15 minute overview of Rockman Complete Works' PocketStation mode, "Pock Rock", running on the new PocketStation PlayStation Vita app. It's still exclusive to PS+ subscribers in Japan, but you can at least get an idea of how authentic the thing is on today's hardware.

Keep those fingers crossed for a worldwide release. If the app goes abroad, it will be the first time many players can experience Pock Rock outside of Japan!

Thanks for the tip, Eric.


  1. "If the app goes abroad, it will be the first time many players can experience Pock Rock outside of Japan!"

    Whoopty doo. This is about as exciting as Tic-tac-toe.

    1. Do you have any idea what this even does? You can hack the complete works games with new abilities -- tons of content that was taken out of anniversary collection.

    2. why are you so angry?

    3. Pfft, "tons of content". Like what? Jumping higher and more health? Bosses that do more damage? Whoopty fuggin' ding dong doo.

      That stuff might be pretty cool if it wasn't for 13-year-old Japan only ports most people can't even play. And if you didn't have to bore yourself to death with terrible "micro games". It's not worth it. Again, who really cares?

    4. Imagine a world where RCW actually made a localized release back then? I'm sure it wouldn't have the PocketStation support seeing how many other localized games had the hardware option locked that supported the feature.

      And I'm sure that lackluster "Anniversary Collection" would have failed just as hard. PocketStation is only a tip of the iceberg.

  2. <- I'll just stick this here again.

    I hope they update it so that PocketStation data copying isn't locked. Kind of annoying. :\

  3. I recently purchased my first pocket station :) And it was less than $10 including shipping! Weee!

  4. That's quite good. Besides Rockman Complete Works version of MM1-6, what other games with PocketStation support where released for the PlayStation Store?

    As for The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Rockman DASH 2 was released for PSP alongside its "Episode 1" demo, so while Tron ni Kobun wasn't re-released yet, I don't see why it can't receive a new release for Vita that includes its PocketStation minigames in the disc. Or better yet, a collection, considering that DASH 1, 2, and TNK can fit in a PSP disc without problem, a Vita one would have space for Powered Up, MHX, and much more.

    In fact, if someone hacked Mega Man Powered Up, it could be played in the PS1 due to its memory size, but with the loss of DLC (no connection) and custom stages (Memory Card space).


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