Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So That's What Bandai's "Talking Mega Man" Figure Looked Like

It's been longed rumored that Bandai almost produced a talking 8 inch Mega Man action figure, based on the Ruby-Spears animated series. Thanks to this promotional poster discovered by Rockman Corner reader Windsor, we can now say with certainly the big guy was actually in the works.

The product description reads, "8" articulated Mega Man with a signature phrase, plus light and sound. Push the activator button on the back and hear him say "Plasma Power". Push the other button to see the Plasma Cannon light up and hear the laser sound."

I can imagine the singular phrase "plasma power" getting on parents' nerves. But I don't believe that's the sole reason this hunk of plastic was cancelled. Reportedly, Bandai also planned to release Mega Man's Land Blazer and several figures based on second season characters and armors. Unfortunately, it's still unclear why these toys were cancelled.

At the very least, it looks like this figure made it to prototype. For all we know he's huddled up somewhere in a lonely, abandoned warehouse waiting for some love.

Thanks again to Windsor for the contribution!


  1. Look at those eyebrows!

  2. Now I'VE got your power!

  3. Oh no! Now you've got my weapon.

    -Cut Man

  4. It's Gutsman! *Duh-Nuhhhh!*

  5. Mega Surprised ManApril 4, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    Sizzling circuits!

  6. Wow. One less terrible Mega Man figure to mar the franchise. "Plasma Power" :(

  7. *Gutman's butt exposes!*

  8. The show's figures were not terrible. They were solid. I one day hope to own them all because they're a big part of the franchise, and a portion of a lot of our youths. Plasma Power? Okay, it isn't the way the main continuity is. So? Every franchise has different offspring/versions. Having that been said, the show was a mixture of cool, charming, and sometimes corny viewing. I'd love if this figure was put out, but sadly...we gotta find the storage unit the prototype(s) are stashed. lol

  9. Oh, and hey, Windsor? Where did you happen to come across this awesome little poster? I love seeing oddities and all, but the second half is learning of where something like this was discovered. That part's often as cool as seeing the item itself!

  10. The decision to cancel the Mega Man cartoon was handed down directly from Capcom due to merchandising pressures from Toy Partner Bandai, who cut short several other popular toy lines(including The Tick, Sailor Moon, and Dragon Ball)due to not meeting sales expectations. In other words, no toy sales, no money to keep the show going.

    1. clearly they were not popular if they got cancelled and didnt meed sales


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