Friday, April 5, 2013

Check Out Heat Man in Mega Man Soccer!

In Mega Man: Official Complete Works, artist Ryuji Higurashi recalled seeing Heat Man and Guts Man in preview screenshots for Mega Man Soccer. To back up part of his claim, here's a newly unearthed screenshot from GamePower #17. Lo and behold, Heat Man is there. The image is a little fuzzy, but that's no doubt our guy, second to the right.

So what can we take from this? For one, Higurashi wasn't crazy. And two, Heat Man might have been cut as late as November 1993 (going by the date of the magazine). Mega Man Soccer would hit Japan three months later. It's likely Guts Man was cut within that time too. We haven't found a screenshot of him yet, however.

After joining Capcom, Higurashi was informed Heat Man and Guts Man would be included in a prospective sequel. For better or worse, that didn't happen. So until someone says otherwise, the mystery of the pair's removal (among other amazing features) will continue to elude.

Thanks for the tip, anonymous!


  1. why is Air Man red?

  2. The game had multiple color palettes, that way if both teams had Air Man you could tell which ones belonged to which team. Goalies also had different colors.

    If those characters were cut that late, it's surprising that there hasn't been any data found for them like there has been for playable Dr. Wily.

  3. The playing field looks different, too.

  4. Haha! I remember this game. XD I had so much fun playing it when I was little. Now I just question why they made it. I was so easy to please as a young lass. lol!

    Interesting info! I wonder what other stuff didn't make it into the final game. This is some obscure stuff that just gets lost over time and really takes effort to look into.

  5. Needle Man's team vs. Heat Man's team in a match to decide who is going to appear in the game! XP

    Judging by the 2 Air Mans color, they are in Heat Man's team, so his team can't be defeated!

  6. I heard of this screenshot yeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrs ago. It's awsome to finally see it!

    Makes me want to re-open Megaman Mysteries just to add it in.

  7. You can make Megaman Soccer sequel with those characters through fan made. :)

  8. What a bizarre thing to exist.

    "So. We have these things called video games. Basically, images appear on a screen, and you press buttons to interact with it.

    We also have this sport called soccer. You kick a ball back and forth and try to get it in a rectangular goal.

    There's this imaginary robot character too. His name is Megaman. He fights evil robots.

    Yeah, we put all that together."

  9. WHOA! That site in the link is full of nostalgia for Brazilian gamers! Me likes it! :D It even has the oldie "Guia Games"!!!

    I wonder if there are more early screens like that in other magazines... (starts reading everything!)

  10. Rockman's Soccer was a few years too early. Imagine it remade in 3D like a modern FIFA game, but with animesque special powers and visual effects to the max!

  11. well, there was going to be an ending and that would have triggerd dr. wily to be playable. but the ending was left unfinished, and the only way you can play as wily is by a game genie


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