Sunday, April 21, 2013

Archie's Matt Herms Shows His Mega Man Legends Love

Archie Comics colorist Matt Herms shared this work-in-progress Mega Man Legends inspired piece on Twitter. Mind, it's only fan-art. There's nothing to suggest an Archie Legends adaption is happening. But it's something Herms would personally love to see.

"I would LOVE for this to happen," he tweets. "Aside from X, Legends is my favorite of the spin-offs."

I know I'd be on board. What about you?

Source: @MattHerms


  1. The normal Mega Man comic as is would have to start selling a whole lot better to warrant a spin off, sales numbers really dropped last year quite a bit.

    And if you're going to post the diamond sales to try correct me don't, those don't have subscriptions factored in which is where the comic is bleeding consumers. Read the sales data in the Feb issue if you don't believe me.

  2. X is a direct sequel to the original series, the term spin-off seems to imply that it has some sort of separation more so than it does from the original. I think sub-series is a better term for describing X along with the rest of the other series.

    Battle Network and Star Force are more of a proper spin-off.

    I don't care for Legends, it can have whatever term people want to give it.

  3. Haha, that's cute. I hope he colors this picture too.

  4. If they treat it like they're treating Classic Mega Man, I'd have to say "no."

  5. If it's done in that style, then absolutely.
    I love the liveliness of the expressions on their faces.

  6. @1st Anon:

    I believe you. I read the comics last year and a harsh decline in sales comes as no surprise to me.

    Legends is fine with me as long as it doesn't take anything away from the real Megaman.

  7. At least someone would be giving legends some love.

    I'd love a legends Archie adaptation.

    considering there's so little canon Legends material, it's basically a blank slate. There's tons of potential.

  8. I'd buy a Legends comic. I know, big shocker there. Hell, I'd risk being confused for a comic collector and go chasing after every cover variant.

  9. It would be something nice to see, but realistically, I highly doubt it will ever happen. I do hope I am proven wrong.

  10. I'm not impressed with the comics they're putting out, so no thanks.

  11. I would be on board so hard, my eyes would explode from the sheer awesomeness!!!!

  12. Would love it! Even if only as mini series, which is mostly likely to happen considering Legends had few games (3 main, a few for mobile, 1 cancelled, and tons of cameos). Same for ZX, the Mega Man series with the smallest amount of games (2).

  13. In keeping with the spirit of Legends, they'd probably publish 2 quality issues, then abruptly cancel the series, blaming the readers for not being more involved.


  14. LOL, his drawing is an Archie reference!

  15. And while Tron and Roll is on their catfight...

    Volnutt: Oh, man... Less milk shake for me...

  16. Oh my God. I know it's not a game, but what if Archie adapted Legends 1 and 2, and THEN made Legends 3 into a comic? Personally, that'd be awesome.

    Seeing a nice rendition by an Archie artist, I wonder what Volnutt, Tron and Roll would look like in Spaz style?

  17. @ZeroX_Syaoran: Like they normally look, except maybe less refined. Spaz basically copied Hideki Ishikawa's art-style for the Mega Man classic comic to begin with.

  18. Roll = Smarty Betty
    Tron = Dangerous Veronica
    Mega = Clueless adventurer Archie
    Data = Mary Sue Jughead


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