Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rockman Xover Android Update Brings PVP

Did you know the Android version of Rockman Xover never had the moderately enjoyable player vs. player mode? It's true. Fortunately, Capcom rectified this earlier today. Thanks to the latest patch, Battle Arena mode can now be experienced by Android player's everywhere. For good measure, the catchy BGM composed by Masahiro Aoki is also included.

Thanks to BluesDriveBuster for the confirmation!


  1. Oh it's a firesoul from EXE!

    And i can't play with it (firesoul)..

    Dat bad game... XD

  2. Hey cool, I was wondering why they were allowing to sell our BM's for PVP Zenny yet weren't able to use it yet.

    This is gonna be so fun!

  3. Did they fix the problem that makes it require a supercomputer to run?

  4. http://www.polygon.com/2013/4/9/4179628/mega-man-fps-maverick-hunter

  5. Does this game still suck? (probably)

  6. Man. I miss EXE. It had the best designs.


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