Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rockman Tanjou Begins 'Remastered' Rockman & Forte Manga Translation

Some years ago manga translation group Rockman Tanjou set forth to translate Koji Izuki's manga adaption of Rockman & Forte. Today, they're revisiting their work; adding a few touch ups and tweaks for an improved reading experience.

Rockman & Forte Volume 1 'remastered' is a shiny new version of Tanjou's original translation. They've updated the fonts, the text is bigger, and everything is far easier to read. With that said, you can find the first four chapters here. More 'remastered' chapters will follow, so check back every now and then.

I'd also like to add the Tanjour team are always on the lookout for more translators. If you'd like to lend a hand, drop them a line.


  1. Protodude, can you please add that they're looking for translators? They've got a lot of cleaners, typesetters, but of course translators are always the hardest resource to find.

  2. What's wrong with the download links? Instead of the manga it is an .exe file.

  3. Here's a Megaman comic I can read without puking in my shoes.

    I wonder if Flynn's ever read them...

  4. This sounds cool. MM&B is one of those games that doesn't get enough coverage compared to the rest of the series.

    That sounds like quite a trick, pulling your shoes off in time to puke in them.

    Seriously though, you're just trolling for attention at this point. Shut up, or get out.

  5. Anon, try saving it as a .zip file. That should be the problem, they work fine for me.

  6. Why hasn't Udon brought these over yet?

    It'd be refreshing.

  7. REALLY GOOD THINGS! Need to DL it now!
    MM&BASS was a beautifull game.
    But the manga is only JAP.
    Need to read the translat. !!!


  8. Besides translators, does Tanjou need scans of manga to translate? All of Shigeto's, Kouji's, and Iwamoto's Rockman manga are available in the web. Would it be ok to provide links to the scans here? ;) Yaar?

  9. KGN004... that would be awesome... I dunno, see if you can mail Protodude and see if he'll host them. If he can't then mail Tanjou.

  10. KGN004:

    Might be something you want to give Tanjou directly.

  11. http://cdn.humorcouch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/I-Am-Downloading-an-Installer.jpg


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