Monday, April 15, 2013

Brett Elston Working Towards More 25th Anniversary Goods

On the Ask Capcom forums, community manager Brett Elston had this to say on the prospect of future Mega Man 25th anniversary goods:

"As far as other promotional efforts in the US go - pins, statues, figures etc are things we can do (relatively) quickly and make sure there's activity during this important year. I'm doing everything I can to get some cool MM goods out this year, and thankfully I work with a ton of equally passionate folks who feel the same.
We hope to have more giveaway items and Capcom Store goods throughout the year, and for what it's worth I am working on other promotional items beyond what's been announced. As soon as they're ready to show, I certainly will."

I'm pretty confident we'll end up seeing more neat trinkets before year's end. Brett's the man behind the USB Mega Buster and commemorative statue, after all.

What sort of merchandise would you like to see next?


  1. In before "a game."

    Let's face it. Capcom's just not in a state to where making a new Mega Man game would really even be a good move. But there's no point in attacking them just because they're marketing it. Mega Man, as a brand, does well, and things like figures and apparel are difficult to disappoint fans with, because, more often than not, what you see is what you get. A game can very much be (except in Xover's case) quite the opposite.

  2. Too much information Amir. Too much information.

  3. That Iris model would be a nice start... or SOMETHING Iris-related. A figurine, a keychain, a doll, anything.

  4. Actually, I'd like to see some 3ds merchandise. I know were not getting a game anytime soon, but I remember a few years back. When starforce three came out there was this special game case and accessory kit that was sold at gamestop for like thirty bucks. I'd like to see capcom make one for the 3ds, but have a 25th anniversary system case and accessories.

  5. @OZKai: I dunno about that; lots of people have been begging CoJ to do something meaningful with the series, at least, and if they put out a decent game (and actually advertised the damn thing), it could go towards repairing their reputation.

    As for what merchandise I want to see, I'm...honestly not sure. More D-Arts figures?

  6. a game.

    (I posted that just cuz OZKai said inb4... but it's true.)

  7. I can see Brett working behind the scenes with Gene Simmons from KISS to bring about the most absurd Megaman merchandise yet: radio controlled flying Wily Capsule UFOs, Protoman designer shades, Skull Man coffins, Quick Man condoms, the sky is the limit in pimping out the goods!

    In all seriousness, some limited-edition commemorative autographed artwork/lithographs from various series character artists would be a neat buy. A Flip-Top garbage can would also be awesome.

    Or just as good, cheap and delicious: Original, Honey Graham and Nacho Cheese-flavored Ballade Crackers! Team up with Nabisco and fund it! :D

  8. How about releasing a Mega Man collection that actually works on european consoles?

  9. Better than nothing, I guess. Oh well. I wonder if someday they will do MMZX figures. When it comes to goods, ZX is in need of some love.

    @Rock Miyabi: Warning: Proto Man shades does not include helmet nor awesome hair!
    And Freeze Crackers with Hornet Honey!

  10. Love the Ezlo hat.

  11. I think it would be asking for too much to have a D-Arts figure made of every single character in the entire franchise stretching from all generation of games. XD That is my dream that will probably never come true.

    Realistically, more quality figures would be wonderful. I would also be very happy with stationary merchandise if they had new poses rather than generic stock pictures like the 1-up or other 8-bit sprites. It sucks to blow money on something so bland like that. :(

  12. I know there's the whole "in before game" thing but why not release a 25th anniversary collection sort of like they did for Street Fighter only include the full set of classic games on disc etc ... heck i'd settle for having a PS2 classics version of the old anniversary collection..

  13. "are things we can do relatively quickly to make sure"

    Capcom had practically nothing ready like they hinted they did.
    Right there.
    In black and white.

  14. @ HyperSonicEXE -
    Yeah, that's sorta what pained me about the Megaman x SF game. I really can't give them much credit for the game outside of embracing someone else's work and advertising it. "Hey fans! You've been wondering what we've been planning and... well... some guy with a mostly finished megaman game contacted us at the last minute and here it is! Thanks for believing in... us!"

  15. Keep in mind, this is Capcom of America. They're saying that they don't want to make promises THEY can't keep. They aren't quite as influential as Capcom of Japan.


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