Friday, December 2, 2011

Mega Man #1 Seeing Special Edition Reprint For Free Comic Book Day

This year, Free Comic Book Day falls on May 5th, 2012, and Archie will be participating with a special edition of Mega Man issue #1: Let the Games Begin! The free issue sports an all-new colorized cover, featuring artwork by Chad Thomas.

The prospect of a free issue allows new readers a chance to test the waters, all the while giving collectors another reason to repurchase issue #1. Smart move on Archie's part. What's particularly neat about all this is the bragging rights; out of hundreds if not thousands of comics, Mega Man #1 was chosen to represent FCBD, under the Gold sponsorship, no less.

“We had a record amount of entries from publishers this year with more than forty-five different titles”, says FCBD spokesperson Leslie Jackson. “Retailers on the committee had a tough time deciding on which titles to choose for Gold sponsorship, but we’re sure fans will be pleased with the line-up for next year.”

It's quite an honor to see Mega Man thrown into this honorable tradition, especially when you take a look at the other participating FCBD brand-name titles from Star Wars and Transformers, to The Simpsons and Peanuts. Our blue boy's in the big leagues now!

Those interested, you can find a complete list of all FCBD comics in the January issue of Diamond Comic Distributors’ preview catalog, sold at all comic book shops on December 28.

Source: Comic Culture


  1. I am sure that I will be there to grab this free book and others. :P Good finding!

  2. "Our blue boy's in the big leagues now!"

    Tell that to Capcom.

  3. I snagged First Editions of the #1's while they were cheap.

    You better BELIEVE I'm snagging this one too.
    ...are there First/Premiere/Direct Editions of this sort of thing...?


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