Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Revamped Mega Man X Hits App Store Today

Well, this is a surprise. Preempting a release in Japan, the revamped Mega Man X iPhone port is now available on the New Zealand App store. What's more, according to Pocket Gamer, Mega Man X will hit North America and Europe later this evening! To keep your appetites whet till then, here's some footage of the game in action...

The iPhone port boasts optimized graphics, leaderboards, two new difficulty levels (easy and normal) and 80 challenges for the seasoned gamer. Additionally, Capcom has implemented a "shop" option where players can purchase Heart Tanks, Armor Parts and Sub Tanks. Arranged music (assumingly, the Maverick Hunter X soundtrack) can be purchased as well. Jump to 6:15 in the video above for shopping footage.

It's a little unsettling that you now have the option to pay for armor upgrades and the like with real money. Heck, you can even fork over $3.99 to buy everything in one fell swoop! Yeah, I don't quite see the point either. EDIT: Fortunately, you can still find the items in-game. This has been confirmed by our Japanese correspondent Amunshen.

UPDATE: Bit of a weird situation going on in Japan right now. The game has been removed from the App store due to a nasty bug where customers are receiving a demo version in lieu of the full game. However, Japan is the only affected region thus far. Here's hoping things will work out sooner rather than later.

The game will retail for £2.99 / $3.99 in Europe and North America respectively when it releases later tonight.

Hit the jump for more info...

The New Zealand App store provides a bevy of information, detailing everything there is to know about the game:

◆Supported OS
iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S with iOS 4.3 onwards / iPod touch 3G onwards
※Please note that iPod touch 8GB Model No. A1288 is not supported. (Model No. can be found on the back of the device),
※This App is not validated on iPad / iPad2

◆Powered-up features include:

1.【 Beautiful Game Graphics Supporting Retina Display 】
The nostalgic graphics of "MEGA MAN X" are optimized for the iPhone's Retina Display.

2.【 Two Different Display Modes 】
In addition to a "Regular Mode," a "Full Mode" is available to display the game in full screen.

3.【 Difficulty Levels 】
In "Story Mode," "Easy" and "Normal" options are available. "Easy" mode includes helpful modifications to make platforming a bit easier for beginners. For more agile action gamers, they can skip straight to "Normal" mode to test their skills.

4.【 Ranking Mode with Game Center Support 】
"Ranking Mode" encourages players to compete with others. In "Score Attack," aim for a high score in each stage to earn higher ranks. Additional modes will be added in future updates.

5.【 80 Challenges with Game Center Support 】
There are 20* challenges in the opening stage of "Story Mode" alone and a total of 80 challenges overall to keep players aiming for high scores and higher rankings.

*The first 20 challenges are not supported by Game Center.

6.【 Support Items Provide Advantages for Game play 】
When reinforcement items are not immediately available or for an immediate power up, the "Customize" screen allows players to readily access helpful items like "full armor," "full weapon" and more through in-app purchases*. A "perfect set" provides the best chances for beating the tough enemies. Players can also customize the music by selecting between the in-game back ground music or an arranged version.

*To purchase the items, 3G or Wi-Fi environment is necessary.


◆Operating Controls

Move・・・・・Direction button
Shot・・・Attack button
Jump・・・Jump button
Change Weapon・・・Change Weapon button on the right top

Quick Change・・・Touch the top of the game screen. And scrolling a finger right and left, can change the weapon quickly and easily.
Dismounting Ride Arm・・・Tap the icon on the right side of the screen


  1. the gameplay is too corny..

  2. They make you pay for armor upgrades?

    Typically Crapcom.

  3. You CAN still find them normally, right?

  4. ^

    Unknown. The product description implies it's optional, but I cannot confirm with 100% certainty.

  5. Scratch that. YES; you can find items regularly.


  6. I hope you can switch to the original graphic style. Also, I don't know, this seems... downgraded to me. The animations have been simplified, and is the FPS slower or something? I mean, Mega Man X is my favorite game ever, and I've played it like a billion times. This just doesn't feel the same. Plus, how do you dash once you get the leg upgrade? (I only see the shoot and jump buttons.)

  7. Dunno.....Looks decent....i guess

  8. X, you can earn your upgrades through trial, experience and skill... or you can buy them all right now for the low low cost of $4! Make checks payable to cashcom.

  9. Hope this is not an excuse fto say see we're making mm games. What we need is mml3 and maverick hunter x2! ;D

  10. As expected, this is a huge waste of time an effort.

  11. What kind of people do Capcom hire? Really? Almost all fan game efforts are better than this. In fact, this just looks like a fan game that is in need of tuning up. For Capcom, that is UNACCEPTABLE. They should be embarrassed to release it how it is and expect people to PAY for items? Then they wonder why people put ROMs on their phones. What more can be said, really?

  12. Play the Sonic CD port for the i-touch/phone. It's basically flawless and plays so well you forget you're using a touch screen. Play that and tell me they couldn't make a better port of Megaman X.

  13. Wow, that's... that is just horrible :/

    I'll take the Green Biker Dude fan game over this any day.

  14. Another problem I have with this game...Why does the story say it is the year 20XX? That's odd, since the X games are at least sometime after 2114, based on the intro to the SNES game. I guess it could be a typo, or just lazy story development, or else this takes place sometime a few decades after the end of the Classic series? X_X

  15. Look how stiff the animations are, specially when shooting and jumping at the same time.

    And no horizontal scroll across the whole stage? What is this, Game Boy Color?

    But the worst of all: awful Powerpoint-like interface, and bad use of the soundtrack (the second Zero theme didn't play on the dialogue between X and Zero, they just kept playing the heroic first theme, completly missing the atmosphere)

    Also, I guess armor parts as optional DLC and challenges make sense for the iAudience... but a challenge for walljumping 10 times? seriously? This looks like a "what if Megaman X was made today" exaggerated joke.

    This looked way better as screenshots than how it does actually running, even Flash games have turned out better. I guess the things that bother me won't be noticed for people playing it for the first time, but as a "former established Capcom consumer", it's really hard to support a franchise and wish this game good sales when they only throw this kind of cheap shots. I wouldn't pay for this in a million years, not even to "support Capcom". I can play the original Megaman X1-3 on my Android just fine (and no guilty conscience there, I have them on my SNES as well)

  16. With all these mobile Megaman X games, they're clearly testing waters for the franchise.

    If only they'd relaunched Powered Up and Maverick Hunter as PSN/XBL/Steam downloadable titles (PSN = PS3+PSP+Vita), and then add sequels content as DLC... ("Maverick Hunter X2" as a "chapter 2", a $9.99 DLC, for example)...

  17. :effort: the video game.

  18. Making a pathetic iPhone port so bad that it literally screws over the people who buy it? They can't seriously say they aren't trying to kill Mega Man.

  19. The graphics make for nice screenshots but it seems they removed quite a few animation frames on, well, everything. Death Rogumer was also missing, so the intro stage's ending makes very little sense. And text seemed to scroll about half as fast as it should. That last thing, maybe they'll patch, but...

  20. @MegaMac:

    "What kind of people do Capcom hire? Really? Almost all fan game efforts are better than this. In fact, this just looks like a fan game that is in need of tuning up. For Capcom, that is UNACCEPTABLE. They should be embarrassed to release it how it is"[...]

    Believe me, I've seen worse.

  21. Well, it's 11:08 PST, and no Mega Man X in Canada.


  22. Pros: HD-style graphics, fullscreen mode, plays a lot better than Mega Man 2 for iOS.
    Cons: Cheesy, watered-down version of the Super NES classic. Some frames of animation seem to be missing (?!) from a number of things. Purchasable upgrades? Why?

    All and all, I pretty much agree 100% with what MegaMac said. This isn't as unacceptable as Mega Man 2 was, but it's still pretty darn bad. Then again, it costs how much? Five bucks? So...

  23. Hey guys, this is SO much better than Mega Man Legends 3, isn't it? Capcom sure know where to spend their development budget ;)

  24. hahahahahahaha! THIS is relevant!? THIS is the evolution of the series i've been saying needs to happen!? if this is capcom's idea of a reboot, then they can take the re off of it and shove the boot up their

    when i say mega man needs to update to stay relevant in today's market, i DIDN'T mean dumb the games down and stick them on the most widely owned hardware, which also happens to be the LEAST compatible with it.

    you know, the phone versions of mega man games aren't all that great, yet capcom is continueing to release them, and now going so far as to completely upgrade one of them. are they actually making money on this, or are they TRYING to drag mega man through the mud? if the former, then my word, people would pay for a bag of crap if they thought they were getting something good. if the later, then... why bother supporting mega man, or even believing capcom?

    i'm serious here. can someone try to find download or sales numbers for the mega man games on cell phones? i'm curious to see how well they're selling, and curious to see if the consoles and REAL handheld systems have actually done better. at this point, i think it's relevant and worth taking note of.

  25. It's really sad when the game boy color game has more frames than this

  26. I am so glad that I'm pirating this game using Installous... when it eventually appears on the list of downloadables..

    My only hope is that the Arranged Music is available without having to buy it.

    If it's available that way, and if it's not just Irregular Hunter X's music being pasted on here, I might actually work on ripping the music and making it downloadable for others.

  27. If you're a whiner, you can just skip this. If you're curious, read on.

    I had no more expectation for this than with MM 2, and just got it anyway to support the franchise. I was really impressed!

    First, the controls are actually very playable! Yes, that's correct! Of course you can dash, and it's not any goofy double tap. Just press down. That's it. Sounds inelegant? In practice, it's fantastic. YOU CAN DASH JUMP AWAY FROM WALLS. Yep. wall kicks work like you'd expect, but you auto stick to walls to slide down. Just press down and jump and there you go.

    Dead easy. Sven was actually not BSing anyone. The controls are remarkably easy and you can do anything you could with your SNES controller. It's obviously not as tight as the controller, but unlike MM2 where the actions don't work like you expect them to and are hard to reach, MMX lets you change where your buttons are and work just like you expect them to. The only flaw where the controls aren't as tight as on a controller is that sometimes your fingers naturally slide away from the button surface, but theres no getting away from that. In all other regards I'm amazed to report that controlling X is very easy and there's not really anything you cant don't on console.

    The graphics look perfect when on screen. The proportions are a bit bigger, but you hardly notice. the screenshots we've all seen were rather large, and it's easy to fall into the trap of judging by them. Take any picture and blow it up 10x and tell me how good a piece of it looks.

    The achievements are fun, if a bit easy. Most of them can be gotten in a single play through, but, most of the intro stage ones will be brutal to get, and some like beat the game without damage will be too.

    The soundtrack fits perfectly. Other than the MHX boss icons everything feels just right. Everything looks so right that those boss icons actually just look out of place. And the X icons do get their own use eventually too.

    4.99 is high for any App, but still, it's well worth it considering what you get. A well polished X on the go, that might not handle exactly as preferred at times, but well enough by far to enjoy a lot!

  28. Meh, I don't get why people are upset about having the option to pay for upgrades. You don't have to do it. You can find them in the game, no big deal. It's just there for people who want to (and I'm guessing there are people who will, since countless other games do it).

    Did everyone overlook that Tales of Vesperia lets you "buy" in-game currency or experience, for example? Godfather II did it too. Tons of MMOs do that too.

    Either way, I can't get this port anyhow. Don't have an iPhone or iPod touch and don't plan to get one. Not too found of the touch control interface.

  29. That's great and all, but why another X1 remake? Why not X2 or X3? You could, you know, address the complaints people had with those when you remake it, like how empty X3 seemed...

    I'm getting tired of X1, just as I'm kinda sick of MM2...

  30. Oh God, I'm in the wrong fanbase.

    Obviously this game is going to have some differences from the original - some intended (graphic changes), some probably due to limitations (screen scrolling) or design (touch controls).

    So if it's obvious there'll be differences, why do fans have to rage? Do we really need to be pissed off at some minor mobile port that's not 100% accurate? Haven't you played this game a million times already, and have 100 different ways to replay the original SNES version if you want? This release doesn't have to appeal to us who've already played the game for years. I personally don't care to buy it either (don't even have an iPhone), but I recognize it can help new gamers get acquainted with the X series, and it helps keep the MegaMan name out there. Why go around the internet raging, making your fanbase look like it's full of angry children? Even if this was a straight-up port, everyone would be raging the same and calling Capcom lazy.

    Not every MM game or product has to appeal to me, and I don't have to rage when it's not. Try being more grateful that MM gets some exposure and still lives.

  31. @Dhylec:

    Oh, I dunno. Maybe it's because we were just told that Megaman was still a "key brand", and yet this port feels more than a little half-assed. Seems that its only saving grace is that the controls actually work.

    Just because we've already played MMX1 many times now doesn't mean we shouldn't care if a port gets botched--especially not at a time like this. Believe it or not, we ARE allowed to be peeved if it feels like CoJ is just dumping sub-par crap on us instead of, you know, proving that they really care about MM.

  32. @Role, buy this game and we will have a chance at X2 and X3 being made. Don't and we won't.

    @RADIX You can feel how you want, but grow up. Appreciate that they are doing something with the brand. Appreciate that they did something more than just dump X1 onto iPhone with no further effort. They're doing more for the Mega Man brand than you are, so keep your feelings to yourself until you have something constructive to say.

  33. @Cucumber: By that logic, I should have Maverick Hunter X2 and X3 by now. But I don't. Plus, I'm not spending 300 bucks to buy a game, no matter what it is. I don't have a smart phone, don't plan on getting a smart phone, and after finding out how horrible the gameplay on the iOS port was, wouldn't get this game even if I did have one.

    Seriously, look up some gameplay vids... there's no excuse for that.

  34. @Cucumber:

    Why is it so bad to not want CoJ thinking they can throw whatever they want at us, instead of putting more than the minimum level of effort into their new games? Too many apathetic/bad games can seriously damage a series's reputation, and in this case, its chances of ever getting back to having good ones.

    Before you call me immature for disagreeing with you again, answer this: Is Megaman truly a "key brand" if most/all future games and ports are this dubious?

    It's certainly not a straight port, but there's still issues with it that could've been sorted out before release, like the framerate, screen transitions, and missing frames of animation.

    I have a bad feeling that if everyone settles for things like this, then CoJ will never stop half-assing it, and thus we'll never see anything good come out of the franchise. That's just as bad, if not worse, than seeing the entire thing get dropped--we can settle for crap, or settle for nada, and either way it's somehow OUR fault for daring to be upset about it.

    Why shouldn't we want CoJ to keep its promises?

  35. There's something about this version that feels...Off. I don't like it, for some reason.

  36. Jesus christ, Dhylec and Cucumber. There comes a time where fans have to stop for a second and see the shit they're being handed. This port of Mega Man X is ridiculous. Cool, some smoothed out, updated graphics. This damn thing shouldn't exist as it is a disgrace, pure and simple. We should have MHX2 and MHX3 by now as Role said. We should have some damn good games coming out. Instead Legends 3 gets cancelled and shit like this slides right on through. They could have made this port better, but they didn't. Again, Sonic CD is a prime example. What. Are. They. Thinking?

  37. "I'm getting tired of X1, just as I'm kinda sick of MM2..."

    Hoo boy. Had I been the one who said that, I'd probably have about fifty other people lashing out at me because of it.

    Anyway, about the port/remake, I personally don't think it looks all that bad, but I wouldn't waste any money on it, because number one, I don't do cellphone gaming; number two, it hardly has any new features that Maverick Hunter X, as well as the original Mega Man X1, didn't have.

  38. @Amir: Knowing Capcom and their beliefs about DLC, all the music is already in the .IPA file. The in-app purchase is just for an unlock code. You're buying content you already paid for!

    If this offends you, do note that several previous Capcom game releases, including Megaman 9 and 10, do this as well. NOW you may rage.

  39. MegaMac, you and everyone else is pissed off over mostly-petty details on an otherwise very minor and harmless mobile port of an old SNES game which was obviously intended to have several differences from the original. You must not realize how ridiculous your nerd rage is.

    If you were any sort of reasonable person, you'd see that it should be PERFECTLY acceptable that this release doesn't appeal to you (it likely wasn't designed to in the 1st place). Not everything has to appeal to the hardcore long-time fanbase. Whether Capcom should be doing something other than this game is an argument that only takes away the merit of the game in your self-entitled reasoning. If you don't care for the game, that's fine. You could just as easily vote with your wallet, move on and be as indiferent to it as you want. That way you don't harm the fanbase, you aren't disconsiderate towards the people who might like this port (likely intended to facilitate X1 to a new player base for the 1st time, which is a GOOD thing), and doesn't make you personally look like a whiny little kid.

    Try representing your fanbase in a form other than the childish, self-entitled ingrate you've proven to be just about every time you post on this blog.

  40. Oh wow, this looks like GARBAGE. You call that an intriguing story? Vile's dialogue doesn't even fucking make sense! And where's the music change when X feels defeated?

    This is pathetic. I mean, I -almost- understand the screen transitions, but the sprites are now massive, the animations blow, and the GUI is bogged down at best.

    Good God, Capcom, can you fail any harder? This is worse than Square-Enix, EA, or even Sonic Team - at least they're trying to accomplish something.

  41. @Dhylec: MegaMac's the childish and unreasonable one? Even though he ISN'T ignoring this port's very legitimate flaws or calling people "self-entitled" for not liking it?


    You don't know what words mean.

  42. Cucumber: "Appreciate that they did something more than just dump X1 onto iPhone with no further effort."

    Pardon? That would've been a better port of X1: just an unaltered X1. The "effort" happened to be part of the port's problems. It's pretty bad when a port is outdone by not only other ports of other games (See Sonic CD for iOS), but also by it's original.

    Yeah, sure. It's nice to see another X game, even if it's a re-release, but the sloppiness of this port's execution is inexcusable and apparent. Plain and simple. Capcom's not a child. I'm not impressed with them taking a shit.

  43. Insulting a game is not offensive. Insulting your fellow fans and acting as though you are superior to everyone else is. "Children."

  44. Really glad that iAP Cracker supported this game, because my God, the Arranged Music is basically just IHX's OST with somewhat awkward loops (mainly just the Credits and Title Screen/Main Menu).

    Honestly, the game itself, minus the little strange flaws, is actually quite good. It's MMX1, so it can't be an actually BAD game seeing how it plays 95% the same.

    Much like Operate Shooting Star, you guys are giving it WAY more negative feedback than it deserves.

    And yet Zero Collection was praised so much, when it's the one that was truly a big huge lazy effort. At least this port has redrawn graphics and minor adjustments and fixes, and Operate Shooting Star actually had new content (Unlike MMZC).

    But whateve's, even with all the stuff that's been happening, the MegaMan fanbase never ceases to amaze how fickle it can be.

  45. @Amir

    Troll harder son.

    The MegaMan fanbase have a right to be mad at Crapcom and yet, you're bashing the fanbase.

    Crapcom has betrayed the trust of the MegaMan fanbase by canning MegaMan Universe and Legends 3 with no reasons why.

    Notice how a lot of the fanbase are hating Crapcom for all the crap they're doing, they used to be a great company, now look at them. You fail to notice the hatred the fanbase are giving to that sorry excuse of a gaming company called Crapcom and yet, you're praising the now idiotic company.

    And now... You're bashing the MegaMan fanbase for hating Crapcom? Typical, Amir, like a troll would be. >_>

    And also, bashing Zero Collection like you always do, geez, when will you shut the hell up about it? Zero Collection got praised for replayitbity and content from Japan that the Japanses Zero games have which never made it to USA shores due to unknown reasons. I find it not lazy at all, Amir, Zero Collection is a great game to replay the four favorite Zero games from the era of the GBA with the things for Zero 3 now in the DS. Yet again, you failed to noticed how the Zero fanbase praised it.

    Sometimes, I don't think you're here to comment, you're here to troll and bash the MegaMan fanbase for being upset with Crapcom. -_-

  46. I don't remember the US version of ZC having all the original content, but yes, it's a better port than X1-iOS. It may seem "lazy" because it's more-or-less unchanged, but consider that X1-iOS seems to be missing half of X1's animations...

    (And OSS? I did try to remain optimistic about it back when it first came out, but now I accept that it was little more than a gigantic tease. At least X1-iOS didn't have any "totally a new game!" lies being told about it)

  47. OSS? I didn't give that game any grap, Amir. I wanted it over here, because I can't find a working copy of EXE1! I was ticked that it wouldn't make it over!

  48. @Amir

    When trying to bank on nostalgia, you have to make sure you're getting everything right first.

    Reduced frame rate, lost animation frames, missed chances to expand upon original details, use of the original soundtrack in an incorrect fashion, and so many details omitted for the sake of "getting it out there", all those are factors in killing nostalgia.

    Not only that, they didn't even try to capitalize on the opportunities they had. Zero's original X1 artwork had details omitted from his sprite due to it's proportions. An HD bump up and those details... Are still missing. As a matter of fact, he lost frames AND details for no good reason!

    Sot he two big problems with Megaman X iOS are that it isn't good enough to appeal to nostalgia, and it doesn't even try to capitalize on what it could do. Especially with hardware better than a Super Nintendo, only to end up with so many awkward transition screens. Even Megaman Xtreme managed to find ways to work around the Game Boy's memory limits.

  49. @Musashi:

    Dear Lord, the definition for "trolling" has been fucking destroyed by retarded children like you...

    That's kinda funny that you say Amir talks about Zero Collection a lot, when it's actually you who keeps bringing it up whenever you go on your little crusade to stalk him on every single article he posts on.

    People are allowed to have opinions, that's what makes them unique and different. And if the guy wants to praise Capcom for their efforts, he has all the power to him. In fact, I can see why he feels the way he does. People like you make the fanbase look like a bunch of whiny bitching children.

    Besides the lack of Megaman games, Capcom has actually been doing a lot of good stuff. Sure, most of it is in regards to fighting games, but when you look at it, they were in the same place as the Megaman fanbase is at now.

    For years, they never had a truly new fighter, only re-releases and rehashes of things like 3rd Strike, CvS2, Alpha 3 and so on. They were clamoring for a new fighter for WAY longer than the Megaman fans have been clamoring for a new Megaman game. And look at how they were patient enough to finally get it.

    Am I, perhaps, saying they're more mature than people like you, Musashi? Cause that'd be a pretty sad fact if it's true.

    Just because Amir's opinion differs from your idiotic views, doesn't mean he's trolling. Jesus Christ, I think you've got an obsessive crush on the guy, cause you're always following him.

  50. @RADIX:

    Thing is, the game was never actually advertised as this "oh my god crazy crossover new game!". Ever.

    From almost day one, the game was being stated as an "enhanced remake of EXE1 with some minor extra content involving Shooting Star". But the funny thing about it all is, all these people who were hyping it up and making all sorts of speculations?
    They couldn't read or understand a lick of Japanese, so they didn't see the proof being presented right in front of them.

    So in all honesty, it's not OSS's fault people got disappointed. They disappointed themselves by not using logic and just listening to what the developers straight up said about the game.

    The reason I brought up Zero Collection here, which is probably one of the very rare times I did, as much as Musashi/HeroManX/Alantor/MegaKOSMOSfan likes to think otherwise, is because that game DID boast itself as having "tons of new content" with a couple of it's trailers and advertisements.
    Yet that game got praised like crazy, despite it's full-on lying to people, the screen-resolution problems being a major fuck-up, and it's so-called "Complete Customizable Controls" were even more limited and confusing than MM Anniversary's GameCube release.

    And the thing I find really stupid?

    Everyone besides one other guy, is bitching HARD about this game, and yet they haven't even fucking played it.

    I've just beaten it last night, and honest to God, it's not bad at all. Oh sure, the soundtrack may have some weird instances in ONE MOMENT of the game (the first part of the game), oh so the sprites aren't as good as what people want it to be (even though they actually look quite nice when using it on the respective iPhone 4 screen), and oh noes, the game has in-App purchases. Nearly every game on iPhone does, and it's not in our place to complain about it. The only thing that is locked out from normal play is the Arranged music, which is completely optional. All the other stuff (Armor, Hearts, Sub-Tanks, Weapons) can be obtained normally (and very easily if you're good at the game). And I tested it out, the purchases do NOT include the Hadouken, just so you know.

    The game is good, much like X1 always was.

    We get it, Capcom has done some stupid stuff recently with the Mega Man franchise. But, wow, you're all taking it WAY too far now. There's a reason why the Mega Man base is being compared to the Sonic and Final Fantasy base now. Hell, it's being called WORSE. We get it, MM Legends 3 and Universe were canceled and there was no actual Mega Man in Marvel VS CAPCOM 3.


    So get off your high horses, everyone, and actually play something for once before judging it.

    For fuck's sake, this fanbase tries to act like it's the victim and it should be pitied, but it basically spits at the faces of other people when they even attempt to think of trying to help.

  51. *Yawn* And once again, Protodude's blog has once again shown that the Megaman franchise is more divided and torn than the Sonic franchise. Not only over the different Megaman iterations, but also on the mere matter of rereleases.

    No one wins as long as the fans remains at each others throats.Capcom knows as long as your all like this, they won't be appeal to have maximum sales nor please everybody.

  52. No one wins as long as Capcom keeps releasing shit, you mean

  53. @Anonymous "No one wins as long as Capcom keeps releasing shit, you mean"

    No step outside of your closed mind for five seconds, and observe this entire thread, and several of the other major announcement threads on P-Dudes blog. Observe everything with an unbiased eye.

    You have fans not giving a shit about the other iterations, fans caring for those iterations, fans getting pissed at other fans for not supporting the other iterations, fans pissed at ports, fans pleased with ports, fans hating ports/games without giving them a try themselves. You have fans hating on other fans for their own opinions, fans trying to defend their opinions, fans trolling, fans constantly switching sides on the matter, fans causing shit just for the hell of it, fans who are misinformed about certain things, fans who think Megaman's had the worst period of time for any franchise/genre.

    The franchise is so fractured, so divided, so full of inside fighting, so full of themselves, that no matter what Capcom does now is going to cause this anythime something MEgaman related happens.

  54. Do you really think its all our fault? Capcom canceled 2 games and made every series dont "mix" well with the other (unlike castlevania where there is some sort of great conection with gameplay AND story) with made lots of division within the fanbase.

    The best move Capcom could do is just forget about megaman for some long time to people calm down and REALLY miss mega man games, but it seems capcom is turning what Sega was in the past: full of shitty decisions. Now Sega is recovering with better sonic games and some good decisions (like FINALLY bringing the latest virtua fighter to USA).

  55. @ Saikyo

    True, I find it sad to see the MegaMan fanbase turned out like this, being the immature children and blaming others for things they didn't do... *Points to Amir and Axem White*

    People, there are other games than MegaMan. MegaMan is not your life, goddamnit. There are good games that are made by really good gaming companies.

    So I think Crapcom should forget about MegaMan so that will really calm the immature fanbase down. Hell, Protodue and the guys at TMMN are calm about it, and I bet they played games other than MegaMan.


  56. @Musashi: Trolling? Maybe not, but we'd appreciate it if you and others would stop insulting the fanbase every other post. Calling us immature/stupid/etc. will help no one and change nothing.

  57. "True, I find it sad to see the MegaMan fanbase turned out like this, being the immature children and blaming others for things they didn't do... *Points to Amir and Axem White*"

    1. I'd love to hear you elaborate on this one.

    2. If we were to have a show of hands as to who's truly acting like "immature children", then I'm pretty sure you're the one who'd walk away with that title. Especially since you're constantly throwing fits over anyone having an opinion that's even the slightest bit different from yours.


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