Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Mega Man Swag On The Way

Great Eastern Entertainment are once again prepping another round of new officially licensed Mega Man products. The latest bounty isn't due out until March 30, 2012, but distributors are already prepping pre-orders. Have a look:

First up: a fleece Proto Man helmet cap. Who didn't see this coming? Complements the plush buster/fleece Mega Man cap perfectly. The shades are a nice addition, although the positioning has me thinking they've been relegated to a forehead warmer. UPDATE: As reader MegaMac pointed out, you can make out a netted see-through material on the shades. Looks like they do go over your eyes!

Moving along: Extend your love of the Blue Bomber to your shoulders with the Mega Man Powered Up back pack -- an ideal accessory for lugging around GE's other assorted Mega Man goodies on the way.  Finally, we have some small trinkets: stickers and magnet sets. Not much to say about these guys, really. Powered Up certainly seems to be a popular choice for GE... and who can blame them? Cute sells.

Again, everything seen above will ship to specialty retailers in late March, per request. You can't order these items normal means (for the time being), but you can request a local retailer to stock up on them. Click on the above links for instructions.

That's all from Great Eastern for now. I imagine more goodies will be revealed in the coming months. GE are on a roll with no sign of slowing down!


  1. They sure do love their Powered Up.

    I guess they're thinking Gundam:Gundam SD::Rockman:Rockman Powered Up, or something? I dunno.

    But if it's workin' for 'em, hey, whatev.

  2. Man, GE is on a roll. They sure know how to make great licensed products! As for the shades on the Proto Man hat, it looks like there's that netted, see-through material over the shades. Pretty sure you can see through them, but hopefully there's a way to remove them so not to look too crazy in public, if one would wear something like this in public, lol (looks like there might be). For conventions and similar functions for sure! =)

  3. Too crazy?

    Foo, I wear my sunglasses at night. :P

  4. It's too bad they don't have Magnet Man Powered Up:

    That Proto Man hat looks pretty awesome, I'd wear it (given the appropiate weather of course...).

  5. I cringe every time I look at the american/european Oilman :P

  6. I want the Proto Man hat and the Mega Man Powered Up backpack :D

  7. Every time I see Powered Up Wily, I think of how he sounds in-game. XD I just couldn't take him seriously with that voice somehow.

    And yes, cute sells like pancakes! (Okay, not exactly like pancakes, but the idea's still the same. X3)

    (And I kinda want that Protoman hat...)


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