Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rockman On PocketStation

Ah, the PocketStation. A neat little peripheral for the original Sony PlayStation, the Japanese-exclusive device doubled as a Memory Card and a mini-PDA that, when connected to a PlayStation, could download exclusive minigames from a handful of PSX games. The Rockman Complete Works series supported the device with six Rockman-themed minigames collectively referred to as "Pocket Rock."

Footage of these minigames are few and far between, but one recent YouTube video offers a pretty good look at Rockman 2 Complete Works' respective Pocket Rock game, which has you running and gunning down foes in top-down shooter fashion:

Undoubtedly, the best feature offered from PocketStation support was cross-platform play. "Experience points" earned in these minigames can be redeemed for enhanced abilities in any of the six Complete Works titles such as a powered buster, increased running speed and more health:

Alternatively, experience points can even be used to increase the stats of Robot Masters, too, making them extra harder.

Pretty cool, wouldn't you say? PocketStation support (among other features) was cut from the Anniversary Collection, so collectors looking to purchase a PocketStation of their very own and/or the Complete Works games should scope out the usual places like Ebay, Google Shopping, etc. It's pretty much useless without a region 2 PlayStation and a copy of one of the six Complete Works titles, so be sure you've got those handy, too.

For more PocketStation information, check out the RM5 PocketStation FAQ and PockeStation Generation (Japanese)


  1. Ha, I have scene GIF images of some of those animations used to select each game. I always wondered where they were from. I have always figured the PocketStation had a lot more power than usual Tamagotchi type devices. Now I really see the truth. Looks like it might be better than the Dreamcast's memory unit.

  2. I'm pretty sure you need the actual unit to do anything with these games. You can't just put the PR Data on a Memory Card and load it like that. Once it's loaded you'd never need the PocketStation again unless you wanted to play minigames or update the stats of the RM and Bosses.

    That's how it was around 10 years ago when I leveled up Rock, and every Robot Master to LV99 with my PocketStation and PocketRock Data.

    I need to purchase RCW1&2 off the PSN store, and 3 when it comes out, and try some type of thing to get my Save Data on the PS3.

    I also prefer using HyperCharge and SpeedUp in Right's Lab too. =p

  3. Pretty good minigames and extras. The Japanese version of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne also had support for PocketStation.

  4. The MM5 robots are easy to defeat, but defeat all 8 with less than 5 attacks and in 0'39''48?! Owned!

  5. I HATED the Jan-Ken-Pon game when it got to the higher levels. You had like .3 seconds to react to Cutman's throw and counter it......I almost broke my pocketstation against a wall because of it.

  6. If I remember right, by the time some of the robot masters get to level 99, all their stats might not be increased all the way. It depended on how high their stats were when you first unlocked them, IIRC. That always bugged me.

  7. I have a white Pocket Station with Rockman 6 on it. The battery died years ago, but I think if I replace it, it should still be good.

  8. I liked the joke done in TMMN:
    *Robot Master has a tough time against Mega Man*
    Robot Master: "Dr. Wily! What does the Scouter say about his power level?!"
    *Wily looks to Mega Man's health bar*
    Wily: "It's... IT IS OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!"
    Robot Master: "WHAT?! NINE THOUSAND!?!"
    Mega Man: "Hasta la vista, baby!"

  9. You don't need the Pocketstation to get the 8 enhanced parts for Rock. When you meet or beat enemies in Rockman 4CW, 5CW or 6CW, you earn Battle Data points.

    When you got enough points, you can go to Dr. Light's lab in the Main Menu and then equip parts that you can use in Navi Mode. The parts are: Hyper Jump (20), Auto Charge (40), Energy Saver (80), Hyper Shot (160), Hyper Charge Shot (320), Power Shot (640), Hyper Charge (1000), Speed Up (2000).

    The Pocketstation mini games are different depending on which Complete Works you get data from. All 6 of them also has the same kind of Versus game where you fight against robot masters to gain exp. When you got enough points, you gain more HP and AT power for Rock and the robot master that you are training up. The Max HP is 80 (compared to original 28). These fights will be interesting when the robot masters are stronger (and harder). You can also go back to their original stats with a press of a button in Database mode or Dr. Light's lab.

    Each Pocketstation data takes 13 blocks on the Memory Card. o.o;

    - Rebecca


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