Friday, April 9, 2010

The Protomen Need Your Help

Mega Man-inspired rock band The Protomen would really like to perform at PAX Prime (Penny Arcade expo) this year; so much so, that they're asking you, the fans, for assistance. The band is rallying support via petition to bring them to the West Coast. A bulletin posted at their official site reads:

The Protomen haven't performed in the West Coast for years, so this would be a pretty significant event. Show your support and sign the petition! 

Thanks, Cassandra


  1. I wonder if they've heard of the music scene over in Austin, Texas? They're the Live Music Capitol of the World, and have a motto of "Keep Austin Weird". They'd be right at home there... I'd be surprised if they'd never headed down there for a performance.

  2. Also join the Facebook Group and sign!

  3. Thanks for linking this, Protodude!

    There's also twitter:

    Join them all and fight with us!

  4. You have not seen a concert until you see the Protomen! :D Too bad I don't live ANYWHERE NEAR the west coast XP


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