Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Closer Look At Kotobukiya's Rockman Figure

Kotobukyia has published a site devoted solely to their upcoming Rockman plamo figure, which features a much greater look at the detail and accessories the figure has to offer. As previously reported, the 1/10 scale figure will include a couple accessories such as interchangeable buster shots and an E-Tank. An image of the figure's "normal buster" shot has also surfaced, which you can view here.

Capcom's looking to release the figure later this fall, with pricing and a specific release date unannounced.

Credit: Ngee Khiong


  1. That fourth picture is a normal Buster shot, you say? Personally, I think it looks more like the Mega Man 4-style charge beam, which Proto Man currently uses.

  2. Is there any chance of this coming to the US?

  3. Very good chance. Kotobukiya's products are sold through a variety of distributors in the US, both in-store and online. It's only a matter of time.

  4. Thats it! Jazwares inc. Fire everyone you have, cause you can't beat this!!! Jazwares SUCKS!!!!!! Nothing but JUNK!!!!!

  5. Is this figure fully posable?

    That's one thing I've been wondering for a while now.

  6. Fully pose able with 20 points of articulation.


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