Friday, April 9, 2010

Mega Man X7, X8 and Command Mission Never Happened?

As if it isn't confusing enough already, Capcom looks to be, once again, tampering with the Mega Man canon. Last night's Zero Collection website overhaul brought forth a new story section that chronicles the events leading up to the Zero series in the form of a time line. Interestingly, the time line not only presents an alternate origin for the Maverick Virus, but also seems to exclude the events of Mega Man X7, Mega Man X8 and Command Mission, among other story lines...

Coming from The Mega Man Network:

"Reploids… those are robots made a time long ago who were near human and had limitless potential… Given individuality by means of advanced technology, the Reploids worked for humans and were meant to be the greatest ally to walk alongside mankind… However, trouble silently built up among the gears between humans and Reploids that beneath these peaceful times… Having limitless potential and being near human, it was only a matter of time before the Reploids would oppose humans. These kinds of dangerous Reploids the humans fearfully called Mavericks… Reploids that became Mavericks were disposed of by there own Reploid brethren… This was the response humans devised… For the Reploids trying to protect their human masters, there was no room for choice. Thus a violent war between the Reploids that seemed to have no end erupted… Numerous battles accumulated… time went on… and even with the creation of the human utopia protected by Reploids, Neo Arcadia, the struggles haven’t ended…
At least 200 years ago
The birth of X
When an incident occurred where an unknown computer virus came from space and causes robots to become violent and riotous, Dr. Light completed the battle robot “X” worrying about the future of Earth. Hypothesizing X could battle robots infected by viruses, he gave X the perfect virus counter-measure. Meanwhile Dr. Light developed a great number of armors, but this presented the possibility of X becoming a threat to mankind. To confirm the safety of X’s cognition program, Dr. Light sealed away X in an analysis capsule.
1XX years ago
The birth of Zero
Zero was produced by Dr. Wily, who schemed at taking over the world. But he contained a flaw in his cognitive program that made him violent and unwilling to obey instructions, so Dr. Wily himself sealed Zero in a capsule.
1XX years ago
X is discovered
X is discovered by Dr. Cain, having been buried underground for 100 years.
1XX years ago
The birth of Reploids
Dr. Cain carried out his research of X, and using this created highly advanced robots called “Reploids.”
1XX years ago
The Sigma Virus outbreak
A subspecies of the terrible computer virus from long ago is generated, and begins driving robots mad locally. The human leadership acknowledges these infected robots as Mavericks, and orders them to be disposed of. The source was found to be an unknown computer virus that had prevailed over 100 years ago emerging from the capsule Zero slumbered in. Later, this virus was named the Sigma Virus, after the Reploid “Sigma” who led a revolt against the human leadership.
1XX years ago, Formation of the Maverick Hunters
Following through with the disposal of Mavericks, the human leadership decides to have Mavericks exterminated by Reploids, and forms the Maverick Hunters. Ironically, the leader of the first generation of Maverick Hunters is Sigma.
1XX years ago
Zero awakens
Receiving information of Zero awakening from his capsule and causing violence, the Maverick Hunter Sigma finds and intercepts him. during this incident, Sigma is infected by the unknown computer virus leaking out from Zero’s capsule, but at the same time Zero, having his armor damaged in the battle with Sigma, also becomes infected with the virus. Due to this, Zero’s personality completely changed, and he would turn to working as a Maverick Hunter.
1XX years ago
The Maverick Wars begin
Infected by the unknown computer virus, Sigma defects to the side of the Mavericks and leads a revolt against human leadership. The wars between the Mavericks and the Maverick Hunters for the future of humanity begins.
1XX years ago
Fall of the colony “Eurasia”
Under Sigma’s orders, the Reploid mercenary Dynamo causes an obsolete space colony “Eurasia” to crash into Earth. Along with recognizing the threat of the Mavericks anew, the human leadership professes its aim of eradicating all Mavericks. The site that became a contamination zone is dubbed Area Zero, and for the next 100 years would be barred from entry.
1XX years ago
The Nightmare Incident
“The Nightmare Incident” occurs, an event where a subspecies of the Sigma Virus that attracts attention as the Nightmare Virus spreads throughout the world. The fact was proven that Zero was it source, as he was a carrier of the Sigma Virus, and was contagious to his surroundings as he worked across the world as a Hunter. In finding this, the human leadership decides for Zero to be sealed away, but due to the influence of scientists studying the Sigma Virus, his cognitive program was removed from his body so the two could be researched separately.
1XX years ago
The birth of the Mother Elf
A Reploid researcher of this time (Dr. Ciel’s great-grandmother) studies Zero’s cognitive program and discovers an antibody to the Sigma Virus. She completes the Mother Elf, a program lifeform that can rewrite and erase the Sigma Virus. Afterwards, the scientists in the field of researching the Sigma Virus make researching Cyber Elves their focus.
1XX years ago
The Elf Wars rise from the Maverick Wars
There are many historians who define the end of the Maverick Wars as the period when the number of Mavericks dropped significantly due to X’s using the Mother Elf. In actuality there is no enduring the conflict, and afterwards the latter period of the Maverick Wars came to be known as the Elf Wars.
1XX years ago
The proposal of Project Elpizo
A member of the humans researching Cyber Elves proposes “Project Elpizo,” an operation to create a Reploid that’s a perfect ruler using the Mother Elf’s program rewriting ability. X opposed this operation, but out of fear of a long-lasting war support begins for complete control of Reploids. The confrontation of X’s “philosophy of coexistence” and the human leadership’s “philosophy of rule” begins.

Pretty strange, isn't it? This time line jumps over a couple events, whole games like X4, X7, X8 and Command Mission. If taken at face value, it implies Zero's sealing takes place immediately after X6, contrary to source books stating the event took place in the far future, possibly after Command Mission around 22XX. If true, then X7 and onwards have been completely retconned.

Should we take this as a new/alternate canon, or merely as a series overview summarizing the "main points"of the story? What do you make of all this?


  1. ...I'm shocked. It didn't mention about Megaman X7, 8, and CM's story. Does it mean they're not existing in Megaman X and Zero's timeline? Axl was not involved in it?

  2. "The birth of Zero
    Zero was produced by Dr. Wily, who schemed at taking over the world. But he contained a flaw in his cognitive program that made him violent and unwilling to obey instructions, so Dr. Wily himself sealed Zero in a capsule."

    ...does this sound oddly familiar to Proto Man to anyone? I've always had my suspicions, but there was never enough to prove anything. I could be pushing it a bit far, but Proto Man also suffered from a flaw...while it might not be one of violence, we're not COMPLETELY sure about what else it was doing to him besides killing him slowly. Again, I'm probably speculating much too deeply. But the mention of Roboenza (or just a coincidence) is kind of interesting. It suffices to say that there's a connection there, though. That's the fun in the Mega Man story lines...there's no clear-cut canon. Fun stuff when there are so many small discrepancies and similarities. :)

  3. I would have preferred X5 being the last, story-wise, but I'll try to settle for X6. I always thought the stories of X6-8 & CM did nothing to advance the main plot. Actually, X6 had a pretty ridiculous reason for Zero returning... It's too bad they're really, really, officially going with it. Oh well, I just have to accept it, now.

  4. While this really is a bit of a mess and I wish they'd put more thought into writing it, I do like that they work in Mega Man 10 quite seamlessly. Here we have proof that Roboenza is the prototype for the Maverick Virus.

    That said, there are obviously several other issues here, issues that directly conflict with what's been established in Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works.

    However, as has been said over at TMMN, I don't think this new info necessarily retcons X7, X8, and Command Mission. The aftermath of the Nightmare Incident does not have to be immediate, and nowhere does it say that it necessarily is. Zero could have been sealed up years after the Nightmare Incident. Hell, it takes our own governmental bodies to come to conclusions on anything, so it's not a stretch to think that it could've taken years for people to come to the conclusion that Zero was at the core of the Nightmare Incident and that he needed to be sealed up. Zero's ending in X6, where he gets sealed, could still be a flash-forward to a period of time after whatever the end of the X series ends up being (Command Mission for now).

    Yeah, I don't think this is meant to retcon X7, X8, and Command Mission... I just don't think they in particular were relevant to the Zero series' story. Remember, this is a synopsis of events important to the Zero series, not the X series.

    Sure wish the X series would get such a timeline, though.

    1. I don't think, in the timeline is specified that zero was sealed immediately after the nightmare incident, besides why the government wouldn't seal zero right; away in mega man x6 is established that zero has to do something with the nightmare virus indeed isooc directly accused zero for it, not to mention that one of the form of the nightmare virus is literally zero,(a boss that you can fight in x6 to unlock zero) it was obvious that zero has to do somehow something with the nightmare virus and even if somehow you still think that that is not enough proof to link zero with the nightmare virus that doesn't explain why they didn't seal him right after mega man x6;let me explain in mega man x5 was establish that zero isn't only inmune to the virus but that it makes him stronger, so much that x and a radom lifesaver begin to think that zero could maybe bacame maverick, indeed that was one of the main reason of why x and zero fight in x5, and if that isn't enough signa even said that zero maybe has antibodies for the virus as an explanation you tell me wouldn't be the more reasonable decision seal zero to somehow share those antibodies with all the reploids.

      If you stil think that the zero series is connected to x7,x8 and command mission, i would prove that thy aren't connected, in the first mega man zero, zero is awake and guess who had his z- saber, that's right x, so x5 did happen in the zero series,indeed in that same game there is a ship with a very interesting logo that says: R for repliforce obviously with that we can said that x5 and x4 are canon in t he zero series for sure.let's in mega zero 2 in that game there is boss with the ability to summon reploids of the past, the the reploids he summed during the fight were coronel, bite(the dude from x3), vile (with a design pretty to his x one design) and agile; with that we can say that the mega man x from the snes and x4 againg are canon (not to mention that in this game you can consult a computer in ciel's room that said that the Mavericks were ended alongside with the sigma virus and in mega man x8 the virus tecnally doesn't have any effect in new generation reploids).

      Mega man zero 3 and zero 4 are even more clear, in zero 3 is established that the mother elf was created to eliminate the sigma once for all not for any other reason, is for example in x9 lumine becames a new antogonist to the series and a "lumine virus" becames to spread that would just confirm that x7,x8 and command mission aren't connected to the zero series.In mega zero 4 you can talk to ciel right at the beginning of the game and she will tell you that the area zero is the place where the space colony erusia collapsed and about mega ma zx advent and model, master albert stated that model A was him and the A trans ability was his ability, he said before the boss rush and before the boss fight against him besides model z and x didn't see to recognize him even though they know the other biometal, by the way is the new generation are canon in the zero series why the reploids im the resistance on the first zero game didn't A trans to avoid being kill so easily,i mean they could easy just copy sigma's body like in x8 and why nobody used A trans during the zero series not even a single reploid?
      That's all i hope you could understand, i don't mega man x7,x8 and command mission aren't canon, i just think they aren't connected to the zero series.

  5. In X6, the only open path way to the Zero Series Storyline is Zero's Ending.

    X7 and onward, even CM is as if the Zero Series were non-existent in the Storyline.

    At least that's what I always thought. Ir seems kind of normal.

  6. Wow. I'm surprised they didn't try and say that anything after X5 never happened, since Inafune had nothing to do with Mega Man X6. Honestly, I've never played any game after X6, but I still think it's pretty stupid of them to just flat-out pretend as if the next three games never happened. This is no different from what Sega/Sonic Team did in Sonic Heroes, when they brought back the Chaotix team after a nearly ten-year absence; they pretty much completely disregarded Knuckles' Chaotix, the game that those characters originated from, pretending as if it never happened.

  7. There are fans of X6 and beyond? Who are they? Where do they live? How can we help them?

  8. Well... at least it makes sense now. I don't object.
    *ducks for cover*

  9. Does this also mean that the X series has ended along with the Original since they mention that to. Huh maybe they are trying to end these series so that they can replace them with something new!

  10. This just doesnt make sense.

  11. Ehhh
    A little dissapointed that Axl's been retconned out of continuity. I know most people didn't like him, but I felt he was a decent character with a unique and fun playstyle.

  12. Fascinating. The story did become somewhat convoluted after X6, and the focus shifted from the original story, but this is still a lazy move. Inafune didn't want the games, Capcom made them to make money, and now they try to erase that. Of course, Neo Arcadia was officially built from Jakob, so we'll see how this goes. At least X and Zero's backgrounds are clearer now.

  13. well, people always wondered why Axl was never in the zero series in any way. I guess now we know. Axl never happened. He's the son Inafune disowned.

    Thats freaking stupid. Personally, I want an X9 with Axl in it. Are we ever going to find out the answer to X8's cliffhanger???

  14. This is built entirely on the grounds that MMZ is a direct sequel, where at the moment there's not enough evidence to determine whether it's that or just a "what if" spinoff.

    Isn't it funny how, every time Capcom tries to "fix" the X series, they just wreck it even more? Leave it alone, for pete's sake.

  15. Alia's new look never happened? That sucks...

  16. Oh c´mon capcom!! it just...bah nevermind

  17. Hmm. That's too bad. I would have liked to see those games incorporated into the time line somehow, but... oh well. Even if they're not considered a part of the official canon, they're still fun to play!

  18. You forgot to mention where they also retconned out the Xtreme games, X2 and the X-Hunters, X3 and Doppler, X4, etc.

    I would think that if we're assuming that anything that goes unsaid because it doesn't pertain to the greater scheme of things is retconned out, then those would be of more concern.

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"

  19. Hey.

    X8 and Command Mission are pretty cool.

    X7... meh you guys can do whatever you want with that :P

    Personally, I'd prefer it if the series ended at X5. I liked X6 (aside from the STUPID STUPID stage designs) but honestly the events in X5 were the best way to finish the series' official timeline imo.

  20. In my humble opinion, I think that you're overthinking about the canon. The first Megaman Zero game was produced on the basis of the one of the possible endings of Megaman X5. Megaman Zero is (most likely) a spinoff series, and its storyline is a possible branch from events of Megaman X5. Later installments of the X series weren't taken into account because Megaman Zero has a very tight plot. So in order to use all the elements about Lumine, Axl and that stuff, They would have to retcon the whole Megaman Zero story after each installment, because the GBA games and the later X games were developed by different teams at Capcom, about the same time. So I think we could understand the whole Zero series as an alternate timeline many years after Megaman X5.

  21. We pretty much still, and will always have to piece together the storyline for ourselves then. I also wouldnt take these new little story summaries too seriously, as they are only written for a simple website. Albiet some of them new and sensible. As far as I am concerned, X6, X7, X8 and CM did happen, as well as the Xtreme games very much did happen and each had their crucial meaning to the X storyline. I said it before and I'll say it again: Capcom cannot maintain stories for shit. X9 shall happen, it must due to the ending of X8 and the classic series must end somehow. If not to stop Capcom's reckless abandon for anything new (8-Bit gimmick *COUGH*) but to seal up any holes that could disrupt the canon anymore than it already is, lol.

  22. I always thought Biometal A was based on Axl

  23. "an unknown computer virus CAME FROM SPACE and causes robots to become violent and riotous"

    MegaMan 8 anyone?
    its not the Roboenza virus from MM10
    think back to MM 8 and the hints in Power fighters 2, it all makes sense.
    Actually this is almost exactly how I understood the MM-X-Zero time line.
    I can see why they added X6, since the Zero series was modified to fit that game in the time line. Lets not forget that X6,X7,CM,X8 were made regardless of continuity so I can see why the last 3 games were cut from the "Zero" story.

    I don't think X7,CM,X8 didn't happen its just that at X6 the timeline splits, kind of like it does in Zelda, except not as bad :\

  24. The virus of which they speak of could very well mean the Evil Energy. As a matter of fact, it couldnt be Roboenza. Even though MM10's Japanese subtitle is "Threat from Outer Space" there is nothing anywhere in the game that says Roboenza came from outer space. The only thing space related would be the last bits of the game, which would indeed be considered a threat. Having that been said, I still firmly believe Wily harnessed his last bits of Evil Energy in order to "enhance" Zero. His entire capsule's purplish glow is a dead giveaway. Judging from the end of Power Fighters, does that mean it has now been pushed beyond MegaMan 10 canon-wise? Either way, they are probably referring to Roboenza but it can also both ways with the Evil Energy too. That, we know for a fact, came straight from Outer Space.

  25. Maybe x7, X8 and CM are the next story after X6 END story ? For an example.. peace in X6 and 100 years later.. war is back on X7 with AXL prequel in X9, maybe ? Who knows. They will find a way to make a story.

  26. Wow, you people are overthinking this WAY too much.

    As David said, just because it isn't mentioned doesn't mean Capcom retconned it out of the storyline. What, you think the X-Hunters, Doppler, Repliforce, and Iris were retconned out too?

    This is a timeline that only mentions events important to the ZERO SERIES. Think about it, and it becomes clear that you're all being pretty alarmist.

    X7, X8 and CM happened. They're just not important to the Zero series' storyline. No worries, guys. Could also be that they're leaving post-X6 intentionally vague to leave themselves with many options on where to go with X9 (the Elf Wars, etc.).

    Just caaaalm it down. :P

  27. Sounds to me like they're just sticking to the important points. Some of it sounds like retconning, but I don't think any of the games have been done away with.

    Also, I adore X8. It's a sexy, awesome game.

  28. Seriously? you think because that the games were not mentioned that they are not part of the story?

    where was X4 and the repliforce in there? Even though their submarine is in Z1 because they were not mentioned they did not exist? How about Doppler, did he never exist and start a riot?

    take a look through that list, and tell me something, what do all those games have in common? They all have a link to the zero series. A direct link. X5 and X6 mainly.

    here's the thing, X7,8 and CM have no real barring to the MMZ world, so they were not needed. This is for the ZERO series, this is not a summary of the X series.

  29. Guess that means ZX doesn't exist, because ZX had things such as Model A (Axl).

    And yet people yell at me and call me an "arrogant prick" for laughing at the recent works for Rockman... XDDDD

  30. Hey hey hey, Capcom. X7 I could understand, but X8 and CM opened new pathways that could've led to the Cyber Elf War. The cliffhanger ending of X8, the introduction of Fore Metal in CM.

    Don't do this, Capcom.

  31. @Saito:

    That is NOT why you've been called an "arrogant prick", and you know it. I'll admit, you've made quite a few valid points, and I'm on board with what you're saying for the most part. It's all fine and dandy if you disagree with the direction the series is headed in. In fact, even I've made some rants about it, myself.

    My only problem your comments is that you do it such a rude, disrespectful, and condescending way, attacking people who've had anything positive to say about certain games (or characters) that you apparently don't like. Again, I have no problem with you ranting about the games. My only gripe with it is your personal attacks towards other people who aren't on the same page as you.

  32. I'm actually really happy they retconned the storyline this way. So glad that the "evil energy" from space ended up as the Maverick virus too, it makes the storyline much much smoother. None of that "suffering circuit" nonsense.

  33. I'm also glad because the Zero games are quite good while X7, X8, and Command Mission really blow a whole lot. So I'm ok with this rewriting. And hey! No Axl! Everybody wins!

    In actuality I think they are split timelines. One continues the X series into Command Mission while another joints off into the Zero series after X6. I choose to go with the Zero timeline which is far less messy and makes more sense. (and also more badass)

  34. "There are fans of X6 and beyond? Who are they? Where do they live? How can we help them?"

    Lol, the butthurt. It's staggering.

  35. I read a similar plotline in the MegaMan Zero Complete Works, and it says outright that that timeline was produced by the Zero series staff for the games and may or may not be cannon.

    Regardless, I don't care what Capcom says. As far as I'm concerned, if it exists as a game, its cannon.

  36. I quit. Heck, even the Zelda timeline is more organized than the Mega Man timeline...

  37. Any nay-sayers are just in denial
    The creators know those games should have never existed and are now rectifying the problem.

  38. "...does this sound oddly familiar to Proto Man to anyone? "
    No. Sounds more like Bass. Protoman's fla wis not he behgavior, but his energy system. he is only just too free willed.

    Im going to say this is just a general overview of important events ant count.

  39. I just think, all left unsaid is because it wasn't important to the Zero Series.

    Also, X8 had to happen, the ZERO Official Complete Works claims the elevator stage in Zero 1 was the Jakob Orbital Elevator.

  40. Holds on folks. just like some others have said, this is simply going over the IMPORTANT parts of the X series that related to the Z Series: Just because they're not mentioned doesn't mean it didn't happen (honestly, this is worse than the Cataclysm conspiracy theories).
    Besides, the Megaman franchise already has a split-timeline since the release of Battle Network 1. Yes, you heard me right: the Classic/X/Z/ZX/Legends series are in the 1st timeline, while BattleNetwork/Starforce is in the 2nd timeline.

  41. Axl and Model A(lbert) aren't related.

    But, what about the Jakob elevator becoming the elevator in Zero 1?

  42. The problem is that in the way it is written, it suggests Zero's ending from X6 is canon (he being sealed to be analyzed), while X's ending and later games aren't. Also, Zero was created 1XX years before Zero series? If Command Mission was included, it would be more.

  43. These games weren't retconned. They simply weren't mentioned. I don't really know if there's actually any retconning in this summary, but if there is, it's extremely minor, and it's actually safer to say that it just helps to clarify and flush out things that many of us have known and speculated for years. The whole timeline and story of the games is pretty thick (somewhat surprising given that each game is a PLATFORMER and follows the exact same formula), and they've only gone over some of it. That's fine. They don't need to go over all of it. They don't need to go over any of it, for that matter. They're just putting some info out there, and we'll take what we get, while not dismissing what we DON'T get.

    Also, isn't this the first time where Capcom has EXPLICITLY stated that Zero was made by Dr. Wily?

  44. We need a "Rockman Series Official Complete Works" book, but this time with less images and more (and very detailed) information, with character profiles and all the events in the franchise's timeline, from the birth of Light and Wily to the end of Mega Man Legends 2. And a section to the BN and Star Force series too.

    We have Jakob > Neo Arcadia Tower, but what about Wily's "small" tower in MM10? Jakob wasn't the first tower to reach space, neither in timeline (MM10) nor in game released date (Zero 1 was released first). Jakob required a lot of work to be built, while Wily managed to build a tower even with his problem with money (Crystal Man, MM9's Swiss Count) and "past technology" (but superior intellect).

  45. @ Anon: It never sait it was Jakob, all it said is that it was an Orbital elevator from the Maverick wars. CM is still maverick wars, and theres another one there too. we can assume it was just another elevator.

  46. I'm agreeing with cccd-erckie on "Regardless, I don't care what Capcom says. As far as I'm concerned, if it exists as a game, its cannon." Besides, if it can be assumed that each X game takes place with 1-3 years each, that we assume that each of the games takes places near the year 23XX (for CM), that Zero's ED in X6 takes place after all X games during which Irregular/Elf Wars are ending; therefore would lead us into the years of 24XX since it just says that Zero series takes place ~100 years after the X series (was it ever mention which years does the Zero games take place in?) I don't know if that make any sense.

    Capcom, you should just stop contradicting yourself and just used the summaries that was given with the original release with slight modifications. And so by saying that the virus came from space and made the robots in 20XX (or was it 19XX?) go crazy, we can say that that was the most likely outcome for Rock, Roll, Blues, Forte, etc? (way to spoil it Capcom).

    I agree that we need another collection book for background and concept instead of pictures.

  47. ZERO's ending in X6, is where this point of the timeline always was. Inafune has even said so himself, during discussion on Rockman ZERO's conception in relation to his influence and work on X6 as well as general comments on anything past X6.

    Interesting how Rockman 10's "Threat from Space" could have been made to be the series-breaker here, with what we'd call the Sigma Virus now apparently a Robotenza variant that mutated in ZERO's capsule while he slept. Wily must have designed ZERO with some pretty damn strong armor, to not induct the new Robotenza strain until he was damaged.

    At least there are better details on how ZERO became 'Rockman' ZERO and the whole clone body and Omega original body deal.

  48. Maybe,just maybe,it may sound weird of lame but,MAYBE Zero may have been capsuled all this time,maybe X7-CM is just a Stimulation? It sounds plausible

  49. Oh wow, saying the tower was built from Jakob is a shitty way of saying X8 had to happen. I'm sorry, but when they retcon an entire game, I don't think they're going to care about retconning that out.
    As for

    "Regardless, I don't care what Capcom says. As far as I'm concerned, if it exists as a game, its cannon."

    I'm sorry, but that is not how it works. Cannon is what CAPCOM says what happens, not the fans. If they say nothing happen past MM2 happened , and everything else was a videogames in series, it would be cannon. Stupid yes, but cannon all the same.

  50. As LBD "Nytetrayn" and others have mentioned, simply because it was left out doesn't mean it's not canon. The first things anyone should've noticed was that the "Counter Hunters" and "Doppler Wars" events were left that if they were concerned about post-X6.

    Besides, I'm pretty sure the developers mentioned a thousand plus times they're not completely sure how the canon ties in. Heck, even the Zero OCW says their explanation [about Zero and Omega] may or may not be canonical. The biggest dispute is what the Sigma Virus ACTUALLY is. For the longest time, people believed it originated from Zero (as depicted from the X4 cutscene), and even this synopsis mentions that. On the other hand, the Zero OCW states that X was the origin of the virus, which causes robots/Reploids to weigh the value of humans against robots. Zero, who was initially evil, got infected and then became good. Personally, I like the former scenario, but the fact that the second theory exists means that not everything is black and white.

    The whole thing is confusing, and Inafune is probably the only one capable of putting closure on it. But he and other developers probably won't, because they, being the jerks they are, leave it to the "fans' interpretation." (their X OCW response to "is Serges Dr. Wily?")

  51. X7, X8, and CM events do not need to be stated to be canon.

    Though the events of X6 seem outta place if X7, X8, and CM are out of the timeline. It's like with the .hack//GU series, only barely skimming over the events. THAT one's timeline didn't cover either anime.

    On a sidenote, since when did rest get a second S?

  52. I'm in a rush (as usual!!!!!!!!!); but this is so interesting, I just had to r/r.
    Due to the rush, I only skimmed over the post , but unless memory serves me wrong... that storyline *is* accurate.
    Or at least, when Capcom made X6, that's how things were supposed to go/have gone. X's made, Zero's made, they're sealed, they're found, they fight the virus, the virus spreads out, Zero finds out - or begins to suspect, rather - that he's the source, he dies several times and then seals himself, and then HAIL!TYRANT!X! - I mean, then X goes mad, creates Neo-Arcadia, becomes a tyrant, etc.etc., there's no Copy X to take the blame of any of his acts, and then BAM! Hello! Amnesiac!Zero! ~ welcome to the RZ series.
    (I repeat, I might be remembering wrong, but...)
    Inticreates took the reins of the RZ project, and planned out on their own the events that'd bridge the two series together. However, Inafune kept working on RX even after RZ was out. He negated the "bad ending" of X6 - which brought Inti straight to RZ1 - went with the "best ending" instead, and created X7, X8 and command mission. These games either negate, distort or postpone most of what the RZ project had given as "proven past fact" - I guess this means the two series (RX, and RZ) became parallel-universes-theories more than same-universe-prequel/sequel.

    That's why X7, X8 and the rest don't appear in that brief summary - they aren't in line with Inticreates's storyline. Or, if we want to take ALL games into account and give them the same importance, they just aren't "as important" to chronicle Zero's life, as the rest.


  53. It's not as if they didn't completely skip The X-Hunters, Dopplertown, & Repliforce.

  54. @necchan

    Inafune didn't "create" X7 or X8 at all so much as he was consulted on some things and just let the current team at the time do their thing.

    Command Mission he had nothing to do with it going as far as to state he didn't want to touch it at all.

  55. I agree with what some people here have said: a game not being directly mentioned does not mean that it did not happen. In the case of games like X3, X4, X7, X8, and CM, they didn't offer anything in particular that advanced the storyline towards the Zero series (Dr. Doppler, the Repliforce, and these other events, I think, happened, but they aren't particularly relevant in this case).

    Of course, COMMAND MISSION is set in 22XX (ca. 221X), and this does somewhat conflict with people's original notions that the ZERO games took place in 22XX (but perhaps, if CM is 22XX, then they actually do take place in 23XX). Yet, this brings up another issue: since it says X was sealed over 200 years ago (20XX, perhaps 201X or 202X), this would imply that the Zero games actually do take place in 22XX. And, I also have to wonder when, exactly, Zero was sealed (it says 100-199 years ago)? Inferring this, though, we could figure then that the Zero games take place in the earlier part of 22XX. Interesting issues here.

    As to what the Maverick Virus comes from, I am quite surprised they used that as an excuse. I mean, they had so much else they could have worked with. I agree that the Roboenza was a good precursor to the virus they could have used, but it seems that they've stricken that as a possibility by claiming it is merely an antiquated computer virus that was stored (perhaps inadvertently?) in the computer system of Zero's capsule. Quite a cop-out and a disappointment, really.

    Is any of this information ever going to be made in a physical form, perhaps in a new source-book or in materials included with the ZERO COLLECTION?

  56. I dont understand one thing...can some one help me ^^U , Is X immune to all virus? Dr Light create the perfect inmmune robot? Why x dont become maverick?

  57. I dont understand one thing...can some one help me ^^U ? , Is X immune to all virus? Dr Light create the perfect inmmune robot? Why x dont become maverick?

  58. I've stopped trying to interpret the Mega Man series timeline a long while ago. I highly doubt that Capcom or Inafune have a set-in-stone, canonical timeline for the series. So many different people have been involved in the series, and they each have made their own contributions to the plot of the series. When you have all these different people involved in a series, it's inevitable that the timeline will be a garbled mess, since all of these people have THEIR own interpretations of the timeline. This series has been around for over 20 years, with so many different sequels, prequels, and spinoffs that it is inevitable that the timeline would be full of holes, inconsistencies and contradictions.

  59. Come on now, I can't really be the only one who considered the zero series nothing more of an, "What if" alternate timeline after zero is sealed away for w/e reason in X6. I always thought that if zero was to go in that capsule, then the zero series would come into play and if he didn't, then X7, X8 and CM happened and the latter being the alternate timeline or the "what if" case. Ive always thought this for years and now im just seeing ppl surprised about this? >_>;; dunno what to think now....

  60. @anynimous

    Well, yes, Inafune wasn't the one to *make* those games, but at least to my knowledge, he had/has more say in the X series, than in Zero.

    Anyway, my point (as horribly as I tried to make it) was that RZ takes off from X6 "bad ending" (Or was SUPPOSED TO, when it was made); while X7 and following take off from X6 "good ending" (again, this is how things were at the time the games were developed. In such a big industry, and with such a high-selling franchise as Megaman, things never stand still, their status quo shifts endlessly, as does the canon. I guess I'm saying that those were the developers' "intentions" back in the days, at least on the grounds of what leaked and was told, etc. But in time, things change/changed.)

  61. @necchan

    Inafune was Executive Producer for the entire Zero series and it was his "dream come true" by his own wording.

    He's "Special Thanks" in any X series game past X5 where he is EVEN involved (he weren't in X6 and CM), MHX the only exception where he was Executive Producer again.

    I think that speaks for itself.

  62. I personally see that timeline as a partial record of the most important events leading up to the Zero series, and that it's made to somewhat resemble a history made in the aftermath of Ragnarok, but not being completely accurate due to a loss of data.

    Keep in mind that from the standpoint of the Zero series, most of the data related to the past was either damaged or gone, and that humanity usually tends to remember the more important parts of the war. They usually focus on a few select people and glorify them to create a convinient, easy to remember image that can be used to unite the masses.

    Seeing as how research on X and Zero were what brought about the beginning of the war and the birth of the Mother Elf, and how those two were the key individuals in the Eurasia incident, it's only natural that they're the focus.

    In the case of Axl, he was a prototype model for a generation of repliroids that ended up being a generation of Sigma clones with individual thought. The government would have to hide this fact in order to remain in control, and thus they could have just removed Axl from the history books.

    The ENTIRE Zero Series was about taking down a faulty human-based dictatorship. You'd think a written timeline made by either side would be biased. And assuming that the timeline's written in a fashion that it looks like a record from the games themselves, there's bound to be inaccuracies and conviniently misplaced events.

  63. @anynimous

    Really? Well, that means my sources are wrong, or outdated, and I apologize if I said something inane.

    Anyway, taking Inafune out of the equation doesn't change the point I was trying to get across. :)

  64. I don't get it.Is REALLY confusing.In my opinion,Zero and ZX must be considered a What if,beceuse Zero 4 say than Eurasia chasehd on Earth,when Megaman x6 says than zero destroyed the Space colony.However,Copy X appeared in MMX7 Zero's ending(in a dream). ...OK,someone who can explain?

  65. well my own interpretation about the time line is that zero being hybernated in a capsule is after the MMXCM, so it only means that there was a time loop. but the strangest thing is what happened to axl?

  66. well if you really look into it, the ending of megaman x6 about zero being hybernated is just a time loop, if you look carefully at the dates it all makes sense, and that after MMXCM that was the time that zero was hybernated. simple right?


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