Friday, April 23, 2010

Inafune Gets Equipped With Promotion

Yesterday Keiji Inafune, creator of the Rockman/Mega Man series, announced he's received a major promotion from Senior Corporate Officer in the R&D department to Global Head of Production -- a position which he intends to fulfill by unifying Capcom's worldwide development studios:
"Whether games are created in America or Japan or anywhere in the world, I will be the one overlooking it, and so it will have that Capcom flavor that fans know and love," Inafune told attendees of the company's Hawaiian soirée last week. "So one of the things I want people to know is that now that I am overseeing every part of Capcom R&D. You can be sure that that unified vision is going to come through in all of our titles no matter where they are created."
With Inafune's role in Capcom becoming more integral, this can only mean good things for the Mega Man series. With new jurisdiction, perhaps now he'll finally greenlight the much demanded Legends 3.

[via JoyStiq (thanks, Chris!)]


  1. Like I've said quite a few times in the past, I'm not a huge fan of the Legends series, but this is still good news, though, nonetheless. Congratulations to him.

  2. Yes! This is great news! Now things will be in better favor for the Rockman series.

  3. Impressive words, Inafking. Let's see where this takes us.

  4. *fingers crossed*
    I'm with Krazy Monkey in that I couldn't care less about Legends, but, here's hoping that with this promotion comes some love for our Blue Bomber.

  5. ZX3. ZX3. ZX3.

    ...Hey, I can dream, can't I?

  6. Man, you people are slowpokes.

  7. ZX3, SSR4 and DASH 3.

    Make it happen, plz kthx.

  8. YES!

    Inafune! Fix what they screwed up!

    Make a new Mega Man series with all the appeal of X and Classic! You can do it!

  9. Mega Man X9, Mega Man: Powered Up 2, and Maverick Hunter X2... Those three are at the top of my list right now. Also, once again, here's hoping that they resume Mega Man Mania's development.

  10. A new RockMan.exe for 3DS? Imagine the awesome menus etc @_@; It could be like Megaman network transmission, in between two games, I don't care, I just want my (online, with its internet-based story and all) RockMan.exe back.

  11. Heck yeah, go Inafune! Personally, I dont care what series hes going to make, or any continuations, just that it'll be good. And with Inafune, It sure will!

  12. When will Rockman X9 release?? I love X series so much and can't wait for this...T^T

  13. Another new series? No thanks, had enough of those. But if it does happen, it had better be pretty stinkin fantastic.

    I don't know that this will help Rockman in general. I mean, if Inafune had said he wanted to do a particular game (that would be financially intelligent to make) before, I doubt Capcom would have refused him.

    Legends 3 on Wii please.

  14. If it wasn't for Legends I would have stopped playing Megaman games at Megaman 3. Megaman Legends is the only Megaman Game still worth playing.
    I really do hope that this means more of a chance for Legends 3.

  15. This can only mean good things for the Mega Man series.

    Legends 3 make it happennnnnnnn

  16. Actually, MegaphilX went to that thing last week in Hawaii and even got to ask Keiji Inafune himself about a Rockman X9. He said "I asked Inafune-san if there are any plans to make a MegaMan X9 soon (Obviously to let him know that was the game I would want made) and he said that there are no plans for a X9 for now. If they make a X game it won’t be X9." What could this mean??? If they make an X game, it WON'T be X9???

  17. @Tayo: "If they make a X game it won’t be X9."

    That sounds rather self-explanatory.

    Either way, it should have been obvious from the 22nd anniversary live stream that Inafune and IntiCreates currently consider X9 to be low-priority.

    Hell, the answers to the questions during the stream suggested that a Powered Up 2 has a higher chance of being developed than X9.

    It doesn't surprise me one bit. X was supposed to end at 5. That huge mess that resulted from the Zero Collection site's story summary two weeks ago suggests that they don't really know what to do with the later X games...

  18. Easy, Xtreme 3 or MHX2.

    Or Command Mission 2.

    But really, I think X is done. X8 was better than 6 and 7; might as well end on a good note.

    But man, Command Mission was a great RPG.

  19. I wonder what excuses he'll come up with now if he can't blame his higher ups at Capcom... Excuses for why no Legends 3, of course.

  20. "If they make a X game it won’t be X9."

    Axel spin off maybe?
    Make it happpppen!

  21. I wouldn't mind an X prequel, taking place before X1, before Sigma became the villain, but more than that after the lore of the Elf Wars came about in Zero, playable Elf Wars is what I'm really looking forwards to. Well, that and ZX3, as I mentioned earlier.

  22. Hehe, more than 20 years has passed and he´s still becoming "more" integral in his role at capcom? Nah, that´s unfair you know, the creator of megaman, a blue creature who has spawned a lot of sagas like an alien queen would do it with her eggs. I think he´s still pretty much of a slave under the iron fist of a "kickass big boss".

    This is really sad, his promises are as hollow as any politician´s.

  23. Megaman X9 is cancelled! I'm sure it is! T_T If next X game is spin-off, who would be? Axl? Zero? Who???

  24. Choose your game:
    Mega Man 11
    Mega Man Powered Up 2
    Battle & Chase 2
    Soccer 2
    Mega Man Mania (5 classic, 2 Xtreme and Game Gear)
    Mega Man Xtreme 3 (XXX?)
    Maverick Hunter X 2
    Zero 0 (Elf Wars)
    Legends 3
    Operate Shooting Star 2 (but WAY better than 1)
    Star Force 4
    Something else (spin-offs, collections, remakes, ...)

  25. Anonymous said...
    "Megaman X9 is cancelled! I'm sure it is! T_T If next X game is spin-off, who would be? Axl? Zero? Who???"

    Sigma before becoming a Maverick!

  26. this Inafune guy is NOT the creator or father(or whatever...)of megaman/rockman.
    megaman is NOT a novel, manga, movie, etc were the WHOLE credit goes to ONE person in particular.
    megaman is a VIDEO GAME in witch such case is something created by a company(like capcom)and inside the company by a group of people.
    this inafune is just the Character design, illustrator, producer megaman games and NOT the author or creator of this saga.
    CAPCOM or better say the WHOLE capcom company should be credited for the Megaman saga and NOT this guy alone.
    inafune DON'T have the last word in the megaman/rockman universe, Capcom does, NOT him.


    this is NOT a lie, look!:

    "Inafune Didn't fully create Rockman

    At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Inafune revealed that he only partially designed Rockman and that his mentor had already made the basic design prior to Inafune's arrival at Capcom. Inafune admitted that he only created about half of Rockman's appearance, so his contribution to Rockman's origin is more like co-creator. Inafune also said that the first Rockman he designed from scratch was Zero.
    Starone (talk) 18:54, 7 December 2007 (UTC)
    About the creation of Mega Man
    During a special event at TGS 2007, Inafune revealed that he wasn't responsible for the creation of Mega Man himself. "I'm often called the father of Mega Man, but actually, his design was already created when I joined Capcom," he explained. "My mentor [at Capcom] (Akira Kitamura), who was the designer of the original Mega Man, had a basic concept of what Mega Man was supposed to look like. So I only did half of the job in creating him. I didn't get to completely design a Mega Man [protagonist] from scratch until Zero (Mega Man X, SNES). Back when the SNES was coming out, I was asked to give Mega Man a redesign, so I created this character. But I realized that this design wouldn't be accepted as Mega Man, so I had another designer create the new Mega Man, and I worked on Zero to release him as the 'other main character' that would steal all the good scenes!" "


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