Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Package Design Contest Extended

You didn't forget about Capcom Unity's Mega Man 10 package design contest, did you? No worries! The deadline has been extend to May 10th giving you a little over a month to whip something up.

The contest, which has been going on for a little over a month now, tasks fans with designing a mock box for the Mega Man 10. Winners will receive a handful of prizes including:
  •  1 E-tank pillow (currently they are only available in Japan)
  • The complete Japanese collections of Rock Man MegaMix and Rock Man GigaMix manga! The collections are in Japanese, but they’ll make great collector’s items!
  • 1 Mega Man 10 t-shirt
  • 1 Mega Man 10 poster

Full contest details and rules can be found over at Capcom-Unity. Once you've made a design, snap a photo of it and upload it to Unity's public photo gallery, then send jgonzo a personal message letting him know of your participation. Best of luck!


  1. Is that only for north america again?
    I'd like to participate

  2. world wide, anyone can participate.

  3. I totally forgot about this. I wonder if I can finish anything...


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