Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zero Collection WonderCon Presentation

A WonderCon 2010 attendee has come through with some footage of Capcom's "Hot Games of 2010" press conference earlier this month, which features a peek at Mega Man Zero Collection. The Zero Collection portion of the panel features an English trailer, a tentative June 2010 release date for the U.S and a few other tidbits. Check it out below.

To recap:
  • Releasing June 2010
  • Rated E for "violence"
  • Four games in one cart at a low price
  • New dual screen functionality
  • Play all four games in chronological order
The presentation alludes to the much hyped "ability to play all 4 games in chronological order" aspect, which still hasn't really been touched upon in detail yet. Despite speculation that it's a mode where you play through all four games seamlessly back-to-back from start to finish, there's not too much going around about this feature for the time being.

Concerning the "new dual screen functionality", all we know at this point is the bottom screen will be used to display character illustration during gameplay portions and navigate through menus. Nothing really significant, but you never know if more bottom screen features will be revealed as we inch closer to the June release. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we got maps or something of the like.


  1. It's up for pre-order on Amazon now, too.

  2. *snores*

    When's SSR4 coming?

    Oh wait, that's a good idea. We can't have GOOD ideas be made. We gotta keep making BAD ideas like Zero Collection.

    And RM10.

    And EXE OSS.

    And MvC3.

    And okay, I'm getting tired of this shit. -_-

  3. @Saito:

    Huh? so are you saying SSR4 is actually a good idea?

    For #$%/& sake!

    surely your homepage

  4. @Saito: You're looking more and more like that Kotipeltox kid every time I see you post something. Admittedly, at least you don't personally attack everyone from out of nowhere as often.

    We all get it. They could be putting more effort into an actual new game.

    However, it's not like IntiCreates could go create a new EXE/Star Force game. At least wait until the end of June/July (as that's when new Network Timeline games tend to be announced) before shoving crap in front of everyone's faces.

    Because god knows what's probably going to happen within a good portion of the fanbase, if the year slides by without any mention of a new EXE/SF game.

    (Personally, I'm hoping that the EXE/SF development team had been working on a new Network Timeline series for the 3DS over the past year, because again, I highly doubt that OSS would have required the attention of the entire team.)

  5. How is a collection of some of the greatest GBA games with extras a bad idea?

  6. Zero Collection is a "bad idea" because it basically proves that the fanbase would rather just get a bunch of shitty GBA ports instead of a new game. Honestly, those who are actually thinking of BUYING (not using a Flash Cart) Zero Collection are ripping themselves off.

    You can get all four games at used prices for less than the price of Zero Collection is going to be. And if you were to wanna get all four games, with the boxes and shit, then you'd only be paying around $6 more than Zero Collection's price.

    The so-called "extras" are nothing to be excited for, either.

    Wooo, an art gallery. It's just low-quality, scaled down images of shit we could find on Google image search or in any of the recent Rockman art books.

    Zomg, customizable controls. Oh wait, they already had that in the GBA versions.

    And they can claim "remixed music" all they want, the music is gonna sound 90% the same as the originals, only a slightly different instrument for one of the layers and that's it.

    This game is just as bad as EXE OSS was, but the only reason why people are eating it up is because this time, they smartened up and KNOW they're just getting ports. Unlike with EXE OSS, which Capcom said themselves "It's a remake of EXE1 with an SSR chapter included," people interpreting that as "WHOA BIG HUGE CROSSOVER GAME WITH SSR AND EXE! I CAN'T WAIT FOR EXE AND SSR VS BURAI AND FORTE ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!!" and all that shit.
    Then when their baseless-stupid speculations were all incorrect, they called the game "garbage."

    And once again, I say it: Shooting Star Rockman 4 would be a WAY better idea than Zero Collection. As much as the fanboys don't want to admit it. :3

  7. Judging by the numbers the SSR series was doing and the fact that the only MM series anyone outside of the fandom pays attention to nowadays is classic and maybe X, making SS4 would be the bad idea.

    The Zero Collection is only "bad" for consumers but for Capcom it's a safer maneuver, even if it bombs.

  8. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and RockMan 10 were bad ideas? I... what?

    Zero Collection is better than OSS because at least it's a collection of all the Zero games instead of just the worst one. Four for the price of one. It's a bargain, especially if you don't own all the Zero games anyway.

    Not going to deny that I would liek an SSR4 though, especially if it keeps getting better like it has been. But since the 3DS is coming out so soon I wouldn't expect it.

  9. Um.. Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a bad idea? O.o

    Sure I would prefer something new, like DC vs Capcom. >_> But come on. The MvC series is one, if not the most, popular Fighting series. Especially VS series.

    And yes, Zero Collection is an extremely good idea! Capcom is a BUSINESS, they want MONEY.

    We get the entire Zero series, in one cart, for one cheap price. Not only will fans eat it up, but Capcom will make a good bit of money without having to do much at all. It's a sure fire way to make good money.

    I really hate it when people bash companies for wanting to make money.

    Do you really think that making a port, is going to stop Capcom from releasing a new Mega Man game? Be serious.

  10. As always, kotipeltox:

    Anyway, Saito, for the most part, I agree with what you're saying. However, though, I personally enjoyed Mega Man 10. Sure, it may have been a hack/large-scale edit of Mega Man 9, but I didn't think that made it any less enjoyable to play.

    In fact, they've even managed to make some improvements. In addition to the Bass Mode, they've improved upon Proto Man's attritutes somewhat. Although he still took twice as much damage as Mega Man, he no longer had double knock-back, and his shield was a lot bigger than it was before, and he's able to block more projectiles than just those small volkan shots (from the Sniper Joes), or those generic Buster-type shots (from those crystal enemies in Jewel Man's stage).

    Again, the game might have been an edit of Mega Man 9, but this definitely isn't the first time they've done that, nor are they the first. I'm at least 90% sure that Mega Man 5 was an edit of 4, and 6 was an edit of 5, and so forth. I'm also pretty certain that they did the same thing with the Mega Man X series; both the SNES and Playstation games. It was definitely more apparent in X6, considering the fact that they Dynamo's and Nightmare Zero's theme songs were left untouched.

    Oh, and about Zero Collection... Again, I agree with you for the most part, but JDAManson definitely has a point about the prices. Usually, when Game Boy Advance games were first released, they costed about $34.99 (or $29.99, if they were used), but Zero Collection is being charged for the exact same price that just one of them would have costed when they were first released.

  11. E "for" Violence?
    Was it going to be Ec, but because of the violence, it's now E?


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