Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Rather Curious Contest

Capcom's kicking off yet another contest, but this time the decisive outcome will supposedly affect the future of Capcom games...

From Capcom Unity:

"Announcing the Capcom Retro Idol Experience (TM pending)
Today I am opening up the comments section for you folks to nominate your favorite 8bit or 16bit Capcom game! JUST ONE!! Why? Because we're going to use this information to allow you folks to affect the future of Capcom games. I can't get any more specific, but rest assured that your votes will be noted and used as research!
All you have to do is leave a comment nominating your favorite retro game and one sentence explaining why. Remember, just one game!

Next week, I will choose the top 16 most popular games, based on your comments! I will randomly select one person to represent each game from the comments section in this here post (obviously, that person will have nominated the game they will be representing).

Each Capcom Unity member will get a paragraph to defend their game to the rest of Capcom Unity and the public will vote for their favorite afterwards (via a poll).
We will whittle down the 16 nominees to 10, repeat the process, and whiddle down to the top 6, top 4, and finally, we will have a winner!

The 16 Capcom Unity members will not go away empty handed, of course, we got a cornucopia of swag that they will get for their troubles. And in the end, all of you will be winners, because you will be affecting something special!"

Maybe Capcom's looking into more retro sequels/revivals based off of the winning game(s)? Well, if you like the style of Mega Man 9/10  or you're a fan of the SNES era Mega Man X games, you might want to consider participating. Place your votes here.


  1. Hm, interesting...

    The fact that we get to vote on this already ensures that Rockman's going to be rather successful, but he will most definitely lose out to something like Street Fighter or Resident Evil anyways, no matter how well written these paragraphs are.

    Last time I checked, the Street Fighter and Resident Evil presence at Capcom Unity was nearing rabid status.

    Sure, some of you may say that the cries for a Legends 3 and X9 are prominent within the Suggestion Box. However, that's only because the Rockman fanbase can somewhat agree on what sequels should be made next - it doesn't help that already existing games are a far different matter.

  2. Seems like they're either making a brawl-like megaman game, or can't decide who to put in the next Vs. game. Or a Capcom collection.

  3. Resident Evil was never 8 or 16 bit, so you don't have to worry about that, Alilatias.

    This is interesting but for the life of me I can't figure what it would be for. Rockman games are already proving popular in 8bit so I don't know.

  4. I nominated Strider.

    If 32-bit was available, I would have said Rival Schools.

  5. Resident Evil Gaiden was on the Gameboy... But that was a horrible game, so no one's voting for that.

  6. Honestly, I have so many favorites, that it's difficult for me to pick just one.

  7. You better believe I put Mega Man X up there.

    And it's got a lot of votes.

    I don't even NEED a paragraph to defend Mega Man X. If I do wind up writing that paragraph, I'm going to make it the most thorough and appropriately praising paragraph I've ever written in my self-taught game design career.


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