Monday, April 12, 2010

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Announcement Incoming?

I've been sitting on this one for a while, but considering there isn't much happening news-wise today, thought I'd talk about it.

Rumor has it that Capcom is developing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and according to a source at Team Spooky, the game could be announced as soon as May. How legitimate is this supposed leak? Turns out the source of the rumor, an individual by the name of Henaki, is the very same fellow who leaked the entire Super Street Fighter IV roster last summer and got it right on the nose.

Coupling this news with Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom producer Ryota Niitsuma's recent statements about a new Versus series game announcement this year, it seems a lot more likely than it seems not likely that Capcom's working on something:
“I would love to do more versus series, more types of games like Marvel Vs. Capcom 2,” Niitsuma said. “There are all of these possibilities working with other companies, seeing what we could do with them. There are so many game companies I’d love to work with."

“If sales are really good (for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars) then you can see an announcement within this year.”
And sales have been good, according to Capcom. Perhaps an announcement is just around the corner?


  1. So, classic Mega Man and Roll are playable characters? Cool. All they need to do now is add in Proto Man and Bass, and possibly some X series characters.

  2. Marvel vs Capcom 3?? Ok that´s a big great new for sure!!! I always liked all those capcom´s crossover fighting games (well, except for that..JAM...), i hope capcom release this game; now i feel kinda happy :)

  3. They were playable in MvC 1 and 2. As MvC 3 hasn't been announced yet, no word on who the playable characters will be.

    Personally? Let's get X in there. He's the only incarnation of Mega Man besides Geo/Omega-Xis and Vent/Aile that hasn't been playable in one fighting game or another, and he also happens to be my favorite. Mega Man's gotten plenty of play lately, Trigger was in TvC, MegaMan.EXE was in Onimusha Blade Warriors, and god knows Zero doesn't need to pop up anywhere else (he was in TvC anyway, and he's not even a Mega Man)... yeah, X please. He could be really versatile if he had access to a couple different armors.

    Then again, maybe X has been left out thus far because if his power were to be accurately represented, he'd break any fighting game he was in. :P

  4. I was thinking about posting this at X9, but for fear of Capcom getting angry with us for leaking something might have left a bad impression, lol. Even so, I am more than sure that there will be an announcement in May. Everything points right in that direction.

  5. Hopefully it uses TvC's fighting engine and not MvC2's. We don't need another completely broken fighting game.

  6. I want me some Deadpool!

  7. MegaMac -

    X9? What?

  8. If MvC2 has taught us anything, then uh....


    MvC3 is gonna be a bad thing, seeing how GOD-AWFULLY broken every other VS game was, excluding Tatsunoko VS CAPCOM - UAS.

    And considering MvC3 has to top MvC2's big ass roster, there's NO WAY IN HELL it'll be a balanced game.

  9. @Saito: Although strangely enough, I've recently seen some people embrace the MvC franchise -BECAUSE- it's broken.

    Meh, as long as they're having fun, and the money this game could possibly bring in funds for development on all other possible projects.



    Insane crackpot troll logic theory time (of which it's obvious that the below shouldn't be taken -that- seriously):

    A reason why Inafune has not let X into a fighting game is because Inafune never planned to have X exist as a character in the first place.

    Question for you X fans well-versed in development mythology: Is it true that Zero was supposed to be the original star of the X series (of which it seems that he probably became the star anyways in the long run)? And that he was originally supposed to be female?

  10. This time, have Megaman X take the spotlight poor bastard. Rock's been in ENOUGH fighting games. His little brother almost none, unless card fighters and such count.

  11. If there is a marvel vs capcom 3 coming out, there better be a playable carange!

  12. Well...

    Here's hoping this won't get milked.

  13. Any X fan would know that X doesn't want to fight. "Why must Marvel and Capcom fight one another? I've had enough violence." *teleport out*

  14. @ MaverickHunterAsh, MegaMac mean post topic about MvsC3 in X9.


    I don't think it will be good game. :p

    I mean Disney Bought Marvel.

    Eh, Megaman with water-buster against Disney/Marvel. (water-gun)

  15. Assuming this is all true (and since it's from the SSFIV leak source, it probably is):

    The first thing that I wonder is: 2D or 2.5D? Either way, I'd be pleased, but 2.5D is the most probable (costs a lot less to develop characters since you're just animating a model).

    The character roster will probably be smaller than MvC2, seeing how they'd have to either start from the ground up or borrow assets from TvC. The majority of MvC2 sprites were already made, which was the primary reason the roster was able to be so huge.

    What Alilatias said is probably true to some degree. I'm not sure to what degree Inafune has with his character, but X is likely someone he does not prioritize.
    However, Zero was never made to be the original X. As stated in X OCW, Inafune had already assigned the task to design the new Mega Man to Kaji, another designer. When Inafune came up with Zero, he WANTED Zero to be a hardcore alternative. Zero could never be the true successor because he doesn't carry the iconic blue color, as well as the "nice guy" image, and Inafune knew this before designing him.

    If X was put into MvC3, I would either suspect Inafune had no control, or he decided to please fans. Most likely, Mega Man will return since 9 and 10 just came out. I hope I'm wrong though, as I'm a huge fan of X as well.

  16. @ MaverickHunterAsh

    Mac meant posting it at our X community site,

  17. @Anon above Soultrigger:

    I thought Disney buying out Marvel was a rather recent thing.

    If such a game has been in development for as long as I would think it is, then chances are high that Disney will have little to no involvement in the game's development. Besides, I would think Capcom has a much bigger hand in development than Disney/Marvel.

    Unless Capcom is rushing development of this game to a ridiculous degree, chances are high that Disney came in after development was already off the ground.

  18. C'mon Mega Man X!

    Hey, I'd also be happy with Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass.EXE. :P

  19. I'm still holding out for the shovelware Megaman Scramble Battle that we know 100% for sure was an interdimensional Megaman fighter.

  20. How about instead of releasing that shovelware, they develop and release a really good one for the 25th anniversary coming up in three years?

    Hm... On a side note, EXE's 10th anniversary is coming up next year. I can't imagine them NOT doing anything for one of, if not the most successful Rockman franchise. Then again, something related to this has a higher chance of being announced at a Japanese event rather than Captivate or E3.

    On another side note, anyone else getting initial problems when trying to post something on this blog? As in, the word verification is typed out correctly, but the blog seems to treat it as if it's wrong and doesn't post. I have to leave and make another attempt for the post to get through.

  21. @Alilatias:

    MVC3 shovelware?? and how about your "PEPSIware" pokeman.exe saga??
    10 years tolerating that franchise sounds more like somekind of horrible profit-milking torture eh?

    And i don´t wanna see ryu, wolverine or *X fighting with those stupid digi-be characters; that´d suck big time.

    PD: Problems posting in this blog? heh i bet you´re one of those people who use IE8.

  22. @kotipeltox: Man, you only exist to cause fights, huh?

    Regarding shovelware, I was referring to the Scramble Battle the Anon above my previous post was talking about.

    And who the hell said I wanted EXE in a fighting game? Stop jumping to conclusions and shoving your crap down everyone's throats.

    Link failblog to yourself. Reading Comprehension and Understanding Fail.

  23. Here are some relevant links for YOU, kotipeltox:

    The funny thing is, each and every time you've been called a troll, you've never bothered to deny it, which proves that point even further.

  24. Along all characters that where in MvC2, they could also include Apocalypse, Onslaught, Abyss, Norimano, ... They could also include the helpers from MvC1.

    I hope someone from Power Stone is added.

    Also, they could add secret alternate costumes to the characters instead of different colors, like Spider-Man/Symbiote Costume/Armor/Ben Reilly, Captain America/US Agent, Morrigan/Lilith, Mega Man/Proto Man, Servbot/Birdbot, Tron/Baby Head, ...

  25. 10th anniversary already?


    Time flies, man.


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