Sunday, October 27, 2013

Complete Ruby-Spears Mega Man Collection Dated for Australia

Madman Entertainment's online store has outed the Australian release date for the complete Mega Man animated series box set. The 3-disc set is due out on December 4th, priced at $49.95. And yes, that is the final box art. It's an uncanny throwback to the less-than-stellar PAL Mega Man covers of the mid-2000's.

No special features or extras. For the most part this is a bare-bones reprint of the 2004 set. Discotek Media will be handling the set's North American release, slated for 2014. More news on that front soon.

Source: Madman Ent.


  1. Awesome. It's a funny cartoon, even if it's not like megaman classic, it's a fun US style; I like some designs :3

  2. I actually like the cover.

  3. Original cover art; there's something I wasn't expecting. :)

    Shame about the lack of special features, though.

  4. Eh I still have the original releases. To this day all I really want is a clean, sound-effectless rendition of the opening song.

  5. Just letting everyone know that this is being released again in the US too by Discotek Media in January

    1. We know. It's in the post.

  6. Yay something for Australia, I'm definitely getting this!

  7. I really enjoy the cartoon myself. Probably one of the best cartoon adaptations of a video game. Some episodes are still very good and enjoyable to watch. This cover is definitely less than stellar though. 100 bucks says they got the top spine image straight from Google Images.

  8. I hate PAL DVDs made from NTSC sources, and vice versa.


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