Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Rockman.EXE and Forte.EXE Get the "Capcorom" Plush Treatment

If you're planning on going to Japan for the upcoming holiday season, you might want to swing by a Capcom Store. Select locations are preparing to play host to two new "Capcorom" plushies: Rockman.EXE and Forte.EXE.

Both super-deformed plushies will go on sale at the Tokyo, Osaka and Umeda locations on December 16th. They'll set you back a cool 1,100 yen a piece. 

If you're not going to be in Japan... well, you gotta wait and see. These Capcorom plushies tend to hit online retail soon after their Capcom Store debut. Mercari, Yahoo Auctions and eBay are popular options as well. For now, right click and save those cute suckers above!

Source: Capcom Store


  1. Awwww I want a teeny tiny plushiee
    Ofc it has to he Japan stores only 😭

  2. Looks cute..8 days til possible game announcement.

  3. For additional merch news: TruForce Mega Man X is being reissued at BBTS in January 2023 for anyone that missed that figure.

    1. Also a "What Am I Fighting For" standee from The Yetee.

    2. And apparently Bandai is re-issuing Figuarts Sigma (Didn't see that one coming...)

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