Friday, December 2, 2022

Jada Toys Mega Man Wave 2 Figures Revealed

Good on their word, Jada Toys have fully unveiled the second wave of their upcoming Mega Man toyline at the L.A Comic-Con. Wave 2 will consist of Hyper Bomb Mega Man, Cut Man and Elec Man. 

As previously confirmed, this toyline consists of 4-inch (1:12 scale) classic series figures. Each figure comes with different weapon effect parts and at least one alternate head piece. Jada Toys are currently eyeing a $25 price tag per figure.

Wave 1 is planned to launch sometime in Spring 2023. No word yet on Wave 2. We'll keep you posted

Source: State O Verse


  1. Looks good. Very nicely done. Wish we could see the accessories.
    Don't order from BBTS, or you won't get em until Winter 2023 lol.

  2. Must buy! I hope they keep this line going until they at least get all the MM #1-3 Robot Masters, Wily, Light, Roll, Rush and Proto Man.
    Please no Legends, Battle Network, Zero or Starforce figures! They'll just tank the line.

    1. I know that MMZ figures are somehow cursed, but it doesn't seem the other series are as cursed as MMZ when it comes to figures. As for MMZ, I feel like if they did Ciel or Leviathan it would work better before they made Zero himself, as cursed as he is when it comes to figures.

    2. MMZ figures are not "somehow cursed."

      MMZ didn't sell nearly as well as X or Classic, so big toy companies aren't interested in investing in development costs for characters with minimal screen-time. This how every toy line has worked for decades; most people want the main hero, and those people are the majority of toy buyers. Most kids walk into Walmart and want Batman; they don't want Poison Ivy. If you've heard any toy industry veteran talk about production: they all say the "main character" figures are usually produced in vast quantities compared to other characters. Properties like He-Man and TMNT are an exception because they both have huge audiences of people who want literally everything; Star Wars and Marvel Legends are the same on an even larger scale. All of these properties completely dwarf anything Mega Man related, especially in the west. (Though even in those lines: the main characters sell best by a huge margin.)

      Also: what percentage of people actually "finish" games? It's not a high percentage. Some of the characters people here want to see in toy format were never seen in-game by maybe half the people who bought the game.

      The Four Guardians and Ciel had a few (quality) garage kit iterations in Japan, but it's also easier for independent makers to take risks on other characters because their production runs are small, as are their costs. An MMZ title will have to sell many millions of copies before a company decides to dig deep and make a Ciel figure, because not only is she not the main character, but -- as historical sales data shows -- female action figures don't sell nearly as well as the main character.

      Toy production (especially for big companies) is so much more complicated than people on these forums understand. Please stop blaming individual characters, and just do some research on how manufacturing and marketing work.

      The less an IP has sold: the less likely any company is to invest in deep-character-dives for merchandise.
      Blame SALES, not characters or franchises.

      We're super lucky Jada Toys is taking a risk by giving us robot masters from a Mega Man game that frankly isn't at the top of a lot of people's list, but I'm concerned we'll start hearing the same nonsensical garbage in the future when this line ends: "robot masters killed the line", or "MM1 figures killed the line," or even "Roll killed the line" if we end up seeing her in one of these waves.

      Jada has a contract in-place with CAPCOM to produce certain characters, and we don't get to know which characters, or what that contract says. The contract ends when it ends, and whether or not Jada negotiates another contract (and whether or not CAPCOM is still interested) will have very little to do with how any individual character in this upcoming line -- especially the LAST character on the list -- sold. Please don't kid yourself into thinking licensing and production deals are that simple.

    3. Your mostly right. With the exception that toy sales in general are declining and alot of whats made is aimed with collectors in mind, which necessitates different models. A lot of youth are nose deep in smart phones and video games instead of toys. Take a look down the isle, what do you see? A bunch of 80's nostalgia. How much of an impact that has, I don't know, but it should be considered.

      That being said, if the neiche characters sold, this wouldn't be a discussion. The proof is in the pudding. Things like that could be better served by crowdfunding. That would be an interesting experiment.

  3. I've just pre-ordered all three!!! :)
    I got the Wave 1 some time ago and these figures are beyond awesome!
    Specially due to the scale system.
    This collection is amazing! I need to have them all.
    I wonder how amazing it will be as they release Gut Man, Hard Man, Spark Man, Napalm Man, Stone Man and Gravity Man.
    I just can't wait for the upcoming waves!


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