Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Rockman EXE Advanced Collection Special Edition Confirmed (Japan-Exclusive)

Capcom Japan have unveiled the Rockman EXE Advanced Collection "We Are Still Connected!" Collector's Edition. The set includes a physical copy of Rockman EXE Advanced Collection, two shot glasses, two acrylic coasters, and a special E-Capcom exclusive Battle Chip keychain. E-Capcom links below:

If you live outside Japan, you will need to go through a proxy service in order to purchase from E-Capcom. But seeing as the game just went up for pre-order, it's very likely we'll see these Collector's Editions available from other retailers soon (Play Asia, Amazon Japan, etc.)

I can confirm that there are no plans for an English Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection collector's edition at this time. Sorry!

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  1. THIS IS SO COOL!!! I had to beg my parents but they're gonna find a way to get it for me so YAYYY!!!!


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