Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Help MegaMan.EXE Defeat Cyber Peacock in Rockman X DiVE's Latest Crossover Event

The Battle Network series finally arrives to the Deep Log with none other than MegaMan.EXE and ProtoMan.EXE as the first playable characters! This event takes us to the Cyberspace for an unexpected battle! Jack-In to find all the details after the break! 

The crossover event between the Battle Network series and Rockman X DiVE is already live through December 8 at 22:00 (UTC+8) and the gacha banner with MegaMan.EXE, ProtoMan.EXE and S rank weapon "Turbo Cannon" will be live until December 9 at 15:59 (UTC+8).

If you are lucky enough to draw ProtoMan.EXE during the duration of the banner, you will receive memories of the "Turbo Cannon" based on the character rank. The more you rank him, the more memories you will get at the end of the event!

  • 0 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X10
  • 1 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X20
  • 2 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X30
  • 3 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X40
  • 4 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X50
  • 5 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X60

Now let's look at MegaMan.EXE and ProtoMan.EXE's skills!

Charge Shot

Shoot an energy round to inflict 17.82% attack damage to the target. Can be charged to unleash a more powerful energy round that deals 10x damage.

  • Mobility: Reduce preparation time by 20%.
  • Power Increase: When maximum charge is achieved, the damage rate increases by 10%.
  • Heart Program: When maximum charged is achieved, increase sync rate by 15%.

Big Straight

Unleash a massive flying golden punch that ignores terrain and deals 224.40% damage to all targets in its path. After penetrating enemies, the damage will be reduced to 50%.

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 10%, but renders the skill incapable of penetrating the target.
  • Harden: Increase damage by 40% after penetration.
  • Heart Program: When using any skill, increase sync rate by 15%.

Passive Skills

Full Synchro: Reduce damage taken by 20% when sync rate reaches 100%. Sync rate will gradually increase over time but it will decrease when you are hit by enemy.

Program Enhance (Z):Will not take any damage when using Big Straight.

Buster Mastery: Increase damage by 15% when equipping a buster.

Perfect Sync: Increase damage by 20% when sync rate reaches 100%. Sync rate will gradually increase over time but it will decrease when you are hit by enemy.

Sonic Boom

Create a shock wave with a sword slash to deal damage equal to 225% of your attack to the target.

  • Penetration enhancement: Your attack can now penetrate one extra target and the damage after penetration becomes 25% and the range of the attack is increased by 15%.
  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Spreading Edge: Unleash 3 Sonic Booms instead of 1.

Step Sword

Perform an extremely quick charging slash at the target to deal damage equal to 320% of your attack. You are invulnerable to any attack during the movement of this skill. When playing Arena, you can use this skill to teleport to the location of your target and ignore terrain.

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Mobility: Reduce preparation time by 20%.
  • Deletion: Remove all negative status you have when using Step Sword.

Passive Skills

Defense Reduction Resistance: 40% chance to become immune to the effects of Defense Reduction; the same type of chance can be stacked.

Auto Defense: When you hit a target with a skill, gain enhanced defense and reduce damage you take by 24%.

Melee Mastery: Increase damage by 20% when equipping a melee weapon.

Auto Act: When HP is 50% or higher, reduce damage taken by 15%.

Program Enhance (Z): Increase the duration of invulnerability when performing Step Sword and cause the target you hit to become Immobile.

Upon logging into the game, you will find the "event sign-in reward" screen that will give us 320 EM and six EXE card packs over two weeks. Don't forget to check your in-game mail to receive 500 EM the development team has sent as compensation for some bugs, the Twitter and Facebook rewards if you participated in the case of the 
Facebook rewards and the "stage completion" rewards.

The event stage takes place in the Cyberspace and its pretty much a stage heavily based on the first stage of Network Transmission. While the stage is short, its very well done and you will find yourself collecting various iconic Battle Network items like "zenny", "battle chips" and "mystery data" to get points. Each of these items will give you 10, 100 and 500 points respectively and you have to reach 1300 points to get one of the stage completions stars.

The characters and weapons that will yield more bonus points or damage dealt are as follows.

At the end of the stage you will find Cyber Peacock as the boss. While thematically speaking he fits the event, it's a shame they got so many things right, including two wonderful music remixes but they couldn't make a boss from the Battle Network series for this event.

If you want to check the remixes of Operation! and Net Battle in the video below. Let us know what do you think in the comments!

The Card Shop is now officially open and you can purchase EXE Card Packs until December 2 at 15:59 (UTC+8). You will be getting plenty of free packs via the "event sign-in rewards" or the rewards list from the Network Guardian event stage so perhaps your EM is better used somewhere else but we leave that decision to you.

A few adjustments have been added to the game with the update. Nothing ground breaking but being able to equip weapons that you have placed in the Backup System without having to go there an unselect them is a very welcome addition.

  1. Optimized controls for Backup System: When making Battle Preparation, you can toggle between your Main weapon with a Sub weapon in the Backup System.
  2. Added a Copy Button that players can use to duplicate their ID for interactions and participations in events.
  3. Weather effects optimization: When you adjust game resolution to "Low", all weather effects in game will be disabled.

If you want to check out some bug fixes, new items added to the shop and some changes done to the EXP event "Escaping from the Floating Ruins", you can do so here.

The Battle Network event continues next week! Will it bring another character? Stay tuned to the blog this weekend!


  1. The more I see this the more I want a 3D remake of X2-6. An upgrade to Irregular Hunter X would be nice too.

  2. I think it's a clever idea to use cyber-peacock as the boss.
    Theses kind of thematic choice is the stuff i enjoy in a crossover.


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