Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Riobot Falcon Armor X In-Hand Review

Via D Amazing on YouTube, we have an excellent in-hand look at Sentinel's recently released Riobot Falcon Armor X.

This figure was designed by Eiichi Shimizu, a Japanese illustrator known for his work on Linebarrels of Iron, Ultraman and Getter Robo Devolution. With a solid, detailed frame and a wide range of articulation, this is arguable one of best X figures in recent memory. Check it out!

Riobot Falcon Armor X is now available from Big Bad Toystore, Entertainment Earth, TFSource and other hobby retailers!


  1. Oh, it's beautiful ;-;
    One day, one day...

  2. Can wait to get mine in. Debating on opening it to display it in various poses or just keep it in the box. Should of picked up two of them lol

    1. A lot of people spent a lot of time designing and engineering this so that fans could put it in their hands. I have always thought that leaving stuff like this in the box does a disservice to those people and their hard work. This is interactive art. Open and pose it!

  3. I love D Amazing's channel; not only does he take great photos, but he's great at posing figures, and he just seems like a super nice guy.

    One of these figures is in my collection, and it is fabulous, but the price is pretty steep for what's on offer. $100 is probably a better price-point for a figure like this. Though the paint is basically perfect, I wish Sentinel had panel-lined the figure, as those particular details of the sculpt don't pop as much as they could.


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