Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Agonizingly Cute Rush Plushie Revealed

The best robotic pupper in the world is getting the plushie treatment. Later this year, Rush is joining Pop Buddies' growing line of licensed Mega Man products. He's about 7-inches tall and 8-inches wide – small enough to cuddle. More images after the jump!

Rush is now available to pre-order from Pop Buddies and Derive Figurine.


  1. Seems based on the megaman 11 design as it looks like the one that the nendoroid roll has.

  2. i might have been giving too much MM themed gift recently, but this is too cute, i'm going to offer it to someone i know.

  3. I think a quote from The Simpsons is appropriate, here:

    "Do you suffer from diabetes?"
    "Well, you do, now! Eh-heh heh heh!"

    I definitely want one. Just, ya know, not for that price.

  4. What am I saving foooor!?May 3, 2018 at 1:10 PM

    (Looks to the plush)
    Dawwww... so cute!
    (Checks price)
    Waaaah! So ugly!
    (Checks plush again)
    So cute...
    Must... resist... urge... to... buyyyyy......


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