Monday, April 2, 2018

Rockman Unity's Fake Mega Man 11 Robot Masters Lineup Translated

Continuing a tradition of going all out with April Fools' gags, Rockman Unity revealed the Mega Man 11 Robot Masters lineup over the weekend – sort of. The fake rogues' gallery is made up of some ridiculous designs that you wish were real the real deal. And hey, if past Rockman Unity April Fools' jokes are anything to go by, one of them might just be.

Courtesy of KoDaiko (with special thanks to MegaSegaDrive) here are the profiles of the eight fake MM11 Robot Masters in English:

Advertisement Team K (“K” from now on): Mr. Ucchi, It seem we have information about the robot masters from the upcoming MM11! I heard the team have been brainstorming hard. Let’s see what they look like!

Ucchi (“U” from now on): Oh BOY! What a big scoop! 

 K: First off, WhipMan! Classical and stylish! Interesting their weapon is a whip and not a gun, despite based on a gunfighter. Don’t you want to see him on a horse?!

U: Wow very cool indeed! The whip must have a long attack range! (more if it was a gun...) 

K: Next is NecroMan! Based on a skull, his design fits right in with the Wily Numbers**!  It’s cute that he’s working at an amusement park (laugh)

U: I have the urge to say “Nee, Necroman, saa~?” There’s also part of me wanting to make it into a sticker.

K: So nostalgic!! I wonder how many people reading this would get the reference...

**In Japan they call the Robot Master “numbers” 

K: Next up, ReelMan! That unique silhouette reminiscent of Airman! His entire right arm is a weapon! It looks like a fun weapon for Megaman to use.

U: Maybe he catches Megaman and reels him in!? That would be useful for Megaman to use! “panicking when he get's his hook stuck” This is me whenever I go fishing in the ocean. 

K: Next is BitMan! A cute, child type boss! But he has a sad past, “left in a arcade center abandoned 30 years ago”...It seems his weapon is similar to Soul Body from X4?

U: As someone who worked in an arcade center, the smile and lines bring me to tears. ALso that A@rman’s grudge in the back is so creepy! 

K: Next is ShogiMan. The weapon and looks, vaguely reminds me of a certain someone.

U: Uh, a boss that doesn’t look fit for fighting. He looks so unreliable, I worry he’ll lose that piece on his head.

K: How does looking at the enemies’ back help

K: Next is the second female Boss from the series, CareerWoman….I’m sure I’ve seen this too!?  
Is this safe? Are we allowed to post this? “Not that person you see on Television”...wait wait wait, declaring doesn’t make it alright!?

U: It even says “Damage 3.5 billion”

(Based on a popular female comedian Chiemi Blouson. Her skit is how she has a successful and satisfying life, happy she was born a woman, and ending everything with “3.5 Billion”)

K: Next is one of those “Dark XX” types that always come when we ask for Boss submissions. Wait, alright this is going too far! There’s authority and all those troubles!!

U: This is clearly a different direction of “Dark” here!

K:...Oh? The next look decent. WolfMan! Looks like they already have the sprite ready...wait a minute, Megaman11 is in 3D!! His weapon is “lying that a wolf is coming”...not his fangs?!...It’s the boy who’s supposed to lie, not the wolf…

U: And it’s not a lie anymore since the wolf is here!

K: It’s like Pharaohman. Supposed to be a Pyramid exploring robot, but “Wait, you’re the one who’s supposed to be explored!” (laugh)

K: Next is JaguchiMan**. A Horrifying robot that release poison from it’s faucet...but Megaman doesn’t drink water…? Also isn’t the design getting lazy here!?

U: How does the connection work? It says “disguises as a facet in Light’s house and poisons” but is he specifically targeting Dr. Light here?! This is horrifying in another level.

(Jaguchi: literally “water faucet”)

K: Next, ShowerMan…..ok, stop targeting Dr. Light! Also the arms make it too obvious!

U: It’s the same thing

K: Next is TomeiMan**….wait, they’re not even trying anymore! Cutting corners are we!

U:...(What if this actually comes out)

(tomei: Literally "invisible" or "transparent")

K: The last one...MAN. What? “That thing in the restroom”?! Shouldn’t it be “MEN”!? What are they supposed to do with this!?

U: JaguchiMan and this, why are they pushing water-circulated places? Also the face! Where’s the head?!

K: .....Hm? Looks like we got an additional file. It's named "Déformer** Woman"

U: (Deform...I'm having bad feelings about it already...)
**"Chibi" in the West?

* Nendoroid Roll is real 

The identities of the real Mega Man 11 Robot Masters are currently unknown, though silhouettes of all eight exist. There's no guarantee any of these fake bots will be in the game... but the profile of Shogi Man looks similar to the big RM silhouette on the far right in the link above.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see!


  1. Every year on April's fool day.. I never believed anything at all. :)

  2. All of them are false but some might be coming to Rockman 11 by surprise. I will not hold my breath anyway. And one things that I hate is Shogi Man.. Nonsense and it wont happened.

    1. Whip Man, Wolf Man and Necro Man could be actually real, although not with their fake designs from April's Fool.

    2. Right. I think so too.

  3. But invisible man is sick.... What a neat RM weapon too. I abused the heck out of Chameleon Sting full charge in X1.

  4. Please let Whip Man actually be a thing.

  5. i see what capcom did there with the bitman thing

  6. "Daaku Roru," eh? Looks like a parody of a certain popular 4koma character.

  7. Necro Man should definitely be a real thing, I love the whole concept

  8. I would'nt mind a wolfman or a necro man.

  9. Necro Man, Whip Man, and Wolf Man all look cool! Whip Man in particular looks like it could be an actual design.

  10. Is Necro Man a reference to Devil Satan from Bikkuri Man?
    (BTW, Devil Satan had the same voice actor as Dr. Wily)


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