Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cover Art for Shooting Star Rockman Sound Box Released

By way of Rockman Unity, here's the cover art for the upcoming Shooting Star Rockman Sound Box. It brings together characters from all three games in the series. Hey, it's always heartening to see new SSR artwork!

Announced in late March, Shooting Star Rockman Sound Box is a 3-disc collection that includes all of the music from the Shooting Star Rockman series. This set will mark the first time Shooting Star Rockman 3's soundtrack will be available on disc, almost nine years after the game's initial release! Pre-orders are now available from Play Asia and CD Japan.

Source: Rockman Unity (thanks, Vhyper1985!)


  1. good to be able to properly own the soundtrack

  2. Omega-Xis singing, haha. He's so appealing.

  3. I’ll never pay a cent for the music but I own it all lol I’ve owned all 3 soundtrack since it was released literally Caocom needs to get over themselves and make some thing real these last few reveals have sucked so hard and are nothing to look forward to in my eyes

  4. Cancer Bubble's human form was never even seen in actual games..


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