Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Look at Jakks Pacific's Mega Man Toys

By way of Pixel Dan, here's a closer look at Jakks Pacific's upcoming Mega Man toys. We get to see more of the articulated 8-bit mini figures, plushies and the 10-inch tall classic Mega Man figure. The figure on display, apparently, was only a prototype. The final version will reportedly recognize and react to different weapons plugged into the Mega Buster. The weapons on display were Ice Slasher, Rolling Cutter and Hyper Bomb.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jakks' toys from the upcoming animated series were a no-show this time. Oh well. We'll be looking ahead to the future.

Thanks for the tip, Rick!


  1. The idea of 8 bit figures is pretty cool actually. Hope they do well.

  2. Allahweh Domain went down

  3. what if the prototype figure is secretly a prototype toy for the reboots toy line also second to comment yeah!

  4. pretty cool, look forward to seeing 2 and 3.


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