Friday, February 9, 2018

Rockman x Castle & Dragon Collaboration Announced

With Rockman's 30th anniversary in full swing, it should come as no surprise more collaborations with other IPs are popping up. It helps spread brand awareness, you see. Today, it's a crossover with the Japanese-exclusive strategy game Castle & Dragon.

Starting February 16th, Rockman character-themed armor and parts tickets will be available to purchase (via gacha) from the in-game 'EGG' store. You can equip your units with armors based on Rockman, Blues, Forte, Metal Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Heat Man and Wood Man. Rare drops include helmet-less Rockman and 8-bit Rockman. Each armor comes with their own unique attacks and stats.

Additionally, an optional event to square off against Dr. Wily will run from now until March 2nd. You can check out some gameplay of that here – it's pretty chaotic. It's worth a watch if you want to see Rock and co. fighting chimeras, snowmen and robot owls.

Source: Castle & Dragon


  1. Oh man.. What?! *FACEPALM*

  2. "You can check out some gameplay of that here"
    there's no link dude

  3. oh look another mobage that will be completely defunct within a year or two

  4. That's good. the more peoples hear about Rockman this year, the better.

  5. Nice.Spreading some awareness is welcome.
    From our point of view it might seem like everyone know the blue bomber, but i was surprised at how it was not exactly the case when you get outside of the fandom.
    ask someone who grew up back in the nes or snes era, or someone who know it's stuff about old-school gamin, and yeah they will know the games pretty well up to X3, but not the most recent.
    But when i ask you average joe, even in a "geek" oriented forums, and i get reaction ranging from knowing that it's the name of a video game character (the most well-informed will know that there are different series), to remembering that there was a cartoon called like that (talking about either ruby spear or the .exe anime depending on how old they are), to having no idea what it is, for the less popculture aware. (and of course you have thoses who know the character because "he was in smash bross).
    It would be nice to get the name into the mainstream.

  6. Maybe they should put Mega Man in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius next. Couldn't hurt. XD


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