Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Get Your Weapons Ready! Fan-Made Mega Man Arena Launches Tomorrow

KishSquared's Super Smash Bros.-inspired Mega Man Arena is only a short day away! Announced in late October 2017, this 8-bit brawler features nine characters, 27 stages based on classic NES Mega Man stages, and 4-player local matches. Check out the launch trailer above!

Keep your eyes peeled to www.megamanarena.com for the download. The game goes live on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 5pm EST! I had the chance to play a preview build – it's great. Gameplay, controls and production values (the cutscenes!) are among the best in recent memory. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Look forward to it!


  1. Once again,where Capcom fails,the Fans prevail. #ScrewCapcom

    1. Hey shut up capcom is making megaman 11 so hashtag screw you

    2. Fuck you dude, capcom' shard at work on 11 with new designs and gameplay

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    4. First off,F-Bombing and was totally unessassary,not to mention It's retarded. Second,personal attacks are petty and make people look pathetic. Anyway,my point is,Capcom can't be trusted. Period! And they often times screw people over (like with the switch version of legacy collection 2,which should've been a physical release).

      Plus they had multiple opertunities to make a game like this one here,but they didn't. Thus the fans come through once again. We have yet to see what 11 has to offer,so I'm gonna hold off judgement of that game until it comes out. Though,I will say this,at least Capcom's giving Rock his Slide and Charge Shot back (abilities that should've never been taken away from him in the first place). I also have very little hope for the potential X9,in fact I fear it.

      Look,I love the fact that MM11 is happening and Mega in Smash,and X being a way greater deal than Zero in MvCi,but Capcom's sins,especially when it comes/came to Mega Man,are still fresh in my mind. More recent ones include: XOver being wasted potential,The Cancelation of 3 potentially great titles (universe,legends 3,and online),and Fatass Box Art Mega Man in Street Fighter x Tekken (that one was a huge sin,and one that i personally can't easily forgive). And don't get me started on their other franchises.

      On a positive note,Capcom seems to be giving the Nintendo Switch quite a bit of love. Rumor has it that Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3 is geting a Switch port. I don't like 'em too much,I don't trust 'em,but when Capcom does something right,I'll give 'em great praise.

  2. "[…] 8-bit […]"
    Hard pass.

    No, but, I said my crap, before. I wish them the best of luck – not that I honestly think they'll need it, since the fandom eats up games – and hope that they don't become lost in obscurity too quickly, like some other fan games I could mention.

  3. Ok really dumb question I'm sure but is it only playable on a pc?


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