Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mega Man Zero & ZX Staff Reunite for Dragon: Marked for Death

Surprise! Inti Creates are proud to announce a brand-new IP for Nintendo Switch: Dragon: Marked for Death.

Officially revealed during the Nindie Showcase ahead of PAX West 2017, Dragon: Marked for Death is dark fantasy action RPG that can be enjoyed solo or together with friends locally or online. Best of all? Many prominent and talented staff members from the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series are back working together on this project!

Read on for the trailer, screenshots and the complete staff roll!

Director: Ryota Ito 
Megaman Zero series (Director), Megaman ZX series (Director), Megaman 9 (Director), Megaman 10 (Director)

Character Designer: Toru Nakayama 
Megaman Zero 1-3 (Character Designer, Illustrator), Megaman ZX (Character Designer)

Chief Character Graphics Designer: Horikatsu Maeda 
Megaman Zero 1-3 (Character Graphics), Megaman Zero 4 (Character Designer, Illustrator), Megaman ZX series (Character Graphics), Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Character Graphics), Blaster Master Zero (Character Graphics) 

Scenario Writer (Planning), World Planner: Makoto Yabe 
Megaman Zero 3-4 (Scenario Writer), Megaman ZX series (Scenario Writer, Character Designer, Illustrator) 

Sound Producer: Ippo Yamada 
Megaman Zero series (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Megaman ZX series (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Megaman 9 (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Megaman 10 (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Blaster Master Zero (Sound Director, Sound Producer) 

Main Programmer: Akihiro Shishido 
Megaman Zero series (Programmer), Megaman ZX series (Main Programmer) 

Lead Programmer: Shinichi Sema 
Megaman Zero series (Programmer), Megaman 9 (Main Programmer) 

Producer: Takuya Aizu 
Megaman Zero series (Main Programmer, Producer), Megaman ZX series (Producer), Megaman 9 (Producer), Megaman 10 (Producer), Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Producer), Blaster Master Zero (Producer)  

Key Features:

  • Play through the game as one of four Dragonkin characters! The characters, known as the Dragonkin, have forged a pact with dragons which granted them special new powers. You can choose any one of the Princess, Warrior, Shinobi, or Witch characters to play as.
  • Each playable character has different strengths and abilities! The Princess is a well-balanced DPS character, the Warrior is a Tank class character that protects the party with his high defense, the Shinobi is DPS that places emphasis on movement on tricky attacks, and the Witch can both heal her allies and damage her emeies.
  • A fascinating and immersive dark fantasy world!
  • Carefully drawn pixel art from some of the industry's best pixelmancers paints the entire picture and brings players right into the dark fantasy setting.

Exclusive Features:

  • Work together with your companions to progress through stages! In Dragon MFD, working together with your companions opens up a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to defeating enemies and traversing stages.
  • Battle against gargantuan bosses! Absolutely gigantic bosses that are bigger than the entire screen await our heroes. Work together with your comrades to take down these larger than life baddies!
  • Dozens and dozens of hours worth of gameplay! Make no mistake, Dragon MFD is a massive game for its genre. With single stages that span 200-400 screens, over 30 main quests, and tons of side quests to tackle, players have tons of playtime to look forward to! 

Inti Creates promises more news in the future. Look forward to it!


  1. Oh god it like megaman zero holy beans i love how this look exactly like mega zero and zx tile set wise and the art work my god.

    I needed this in my life you have no idea how much i love this!

  2. Oh god that throw back to Omega's silhouette holy crap auto buying!

    Hopefully gets a hard copy

  3. Also that staff line up is wow the music alone will make this game great man oh man how i love the look of this and whole premise

  4. And its release for winter


  5. Dude the balanced one is literally just zero but done differently

    If they make this as fast paced as zero was with wall jumps and dashing fast through stages this will be perfect

  6. Eh not sure if this is "Mega Man" enough to warrant me following this as a Mega Man-esque series despite the 2D action and staff.

    That said as its own separate thing it looks alright I can dig it.

    BTW not sure how much this is the Mega Man Zero/ZX staff as much as it is just Inti-Creates staff as they are pretty much one and the same (save for Toru who I think freelances).

    1. Im impressed we got something so like zero tbh main reason i dig it on top of actually looking good.

      they are the same but for reference to people who dont know it helps connecting the dots.

    2. Impressed? It looks like they've just been making the same game ever since Zero 4, with variations.

  7. Loved the zero series, thought both zx games were complete and utter trash. Hopefully inticreates can actually make something fun and worth playing again. Cautiously optimistic

    1. ZXA was great. if not you thing, just say that you did'nt enjoy it at all. calling it trash is rude.

    2. Gotta agree with the Anon on that one... The ZX titles are pretty good games.

    3. ZXA was better than the first for me, at least, but it wasn't my thing either. I would rather have just played the game as Model X from the get-go, but even then the back and forth on the overworld was annoying.

  8. Was never a fan of Mega Man Zero, I enjoyed ZX to an extent but not ZX Advent, but I loved MM9 and 10, plus their more recent 2D games like Azure Striker Gunvolt and Mighty Gunvolt, so I'll probably give this a try. Hopefully it gets a physical release.

  9. Color me intrigued Inti. This looks like fun and it's been a while since I've picked up a new turn-based rpg to play.

  10. Wish I could play this on Vita but holy shit do I want it

  11. Please release on Steam!

  12. Zero series is probably my favorite 2D action MM series.

    Didn't care for ZX, the story and theme was crap but it was alright gameplay and music-wise art direction took a hit tho.

    Mega Man 9&10 are some of the single most overrated games I know to have ever existed, and is a cheap appeal to nostalgia, that said they are fun albeit extraordinarily linear (compared to other entries) especially in MM9's case where you pretty much have to play the game the way it wants you to play it, and it wants you to play it with very few options and if you're doing a buster run, massive patience.

    I will say this, Hi-Go! has overtaken Toru Nakayama as the superior Zero series style artist, Capcom should hire him if they want to revisit that style. Toru was building his style and reached a high mastery by Zero3 but since has slacked off and started to focus on drawing fan service shots of young girls as his priority for a while with rough sketches of mechas as a secondary rare afterthought, now making Zero3 his peak and main source of reference. Hi-Go! on the other hand pushed the style and continues to do so, which is odd because Toru definitely use to be the innovator and much more skilled artist, with GO! being the copycat complacent one. This is what happens when you release an idea on the world then leave a void, fans come and fill that void properly.

    1. the story of ZXA was not my thing, but still great in my opinion.
      Just that since they had gone for a more optimistic and lighter story in this one, it was quite a change for thos os us who had been playing since the X serie and where just used to thing getting darker and darker from X1 to Z4.
      but on the other hand, i was the logical choice. it would have been weird to comme and say "actually, a few century laters, the world is still in very bad shape" after all that happen in the Zero serie.

  13. At least those of us who aren't huge fans of Zero/Inti have 20XX.

  14. wether or not it look like megaman, i know that it look like the kind of game i can enjoy. I'll get it.

  15. Ogre Prince is best husbando.

  16. Ugh, this trash again? I thought we buried this. IntiCreates is the Ken Penders of developers.

  17. Steam release please

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