Saturday, August 26, 2017

12 Years Later, the English Advanced PET II Has Been Found

Way back in 2005 Mattel announced plans to localize and distribute Takara's Advanced PET II handheld in English. As the successor to the popular Advanced PET, the device introduced elements inspired by Axess – Cross Fusion and Double Soul. The thing is, it never came out!

Now, twelve years later, a fan by the name of Ubergeek77 miraculously found it. He bought it used from an eBay seller with no indicator it was the English version. It's a bit of a mystery where the seller found it, though. Did he work for Mattel? Did he smuggle it out of some warehouse? No one knows! Regardless, I'm happy this oddity made it into the hands of a worthy fan.

For more images of the Advanced PET II, head on down to The Rockman EXE Zone!


  1. From the small info ive found about this a few years back apparently these went into production but never got released not sure why. They might have been destroyed the majority of them but there have been more that have shown up up over the years people have no idea what they have. Way back an english one showed up on a japanese auction site.

    They might have accidently sent some out to some stores but we have no idea. You could try to contact matel and see what they say you might even be able to acquire one if they still have these stored somewhere. I will be contacting them today myself to see if i can get a few for my collection

  2. There just one thing to say: Battle Chip-In Download!!!!

  3. Dude .... DUDE ... I want this one for my collection xP (i have the 1st Advanced PET, Progress PET and the Wave Transer). Now someone just have to find the english version of the Plug-In PET (i remember clearly of an TV ad of this version).

    1. There was never an english Plug-In PET. The Plug-In PET was most widely distributed in the Philippines

  4. I remember having the first version. I got the Mega Man version, though I wanted the more pricey Bass one, though I never got it.

    Kinda wish they brought over the Battle Chip Gate over here, and also 4.5.

  5. That's quite an intriguing find, I have to say.


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