Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Trophies Revealed for PS4

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 includes a total of 21 Trophies on PlayStation 4, revealed by PSN Profiles and Exophase. Unfortunately they're all bronze – no silver, gold or platinum. Moreover, the original individual trophies from Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 are missing in action. No "Mr. Perfect" or any of that. Unless there's more Trophies to be revealed, that's a bit of a head-scratcher.

Click the links above or hit the jump below for the running list.

The Fateful Showdown!
Prove yourself stronger than Bass and complete Mega Man 7.

Eliminate the Evil Energy and complete Mega Man 8.
Liberate Dr. Light and complete Mega Man 9.
Use Proto Man to liberate Dr. Light and complete Mega Man 9.
Cure the Roboenza and complete Mega Man 10.
The Threat from Space! Proto Man
Use Proto Man to cure the Roboenza and complete Mega Man 10.  

The Threat from Space! Bass
Use Bass to cure the Roboenza and complete Mega Man 10. 
Bronze x1
Earn 1 bronze medal by completing a challenge.  

Bronze x10
Earn 10 bronze medals by completing challenges. 
Bronze x25
Earn 25 bronze medals by completing challenges.
Silver x1
Earn 1 silver medal by completing a challenge.  

Silver x10
Earn 10 silver medals by completing challenges. 
Silver x25
Earn 25 silver medals by completing challenges.
Gold x1
Earn 1 gold medal by completing a challenge.
Gold x10
Earn 10 gold medals by completing challenges.
Gold x25
Earn 25 gold medals by completing challenges.
Gold x50
Earn 50 gold medals by completing challenges.
Bring Them All On! (Mega Man 7)
Complete the "BOSS RUSH" challenge (Mega Man 7).
Bring Them All On! (Mega Man 8)
Complete the "BOSS RUSH" challenge (Mega Man 8).
Bring Them All On! (Mega Man 9)
Complete the "BOSS RUSH" challenge (Mega Man 9).  

Bring Them All On! (Mega Man 10)
Complete the "BOSS RUSH" challenge (Mega Man 10).

Thanks to Connor for the tip! 


  1. Just like the first Legacy Collection, what you see is what you get. In both cases, the PSN versions of each game had less trophies than the Xbox versions, so if you wanna see slightly more achievements, wait another day or two for the Xbox version list to see if there's any unique ones there or not.

  2. Boring list, I thought they would at least make it more interesting this time around.

    For example, there could have been a trophy for unlocking the Proto Shield or the Super Adapter in MM7...

  3. After completing all the trophies, there should be at least one more unlockable item... Mega Man 11 :P

  4. The Ambition Resurges! Proto Man
    The Threat from Space! Bass

    What's in a name for an achievement, anyway, eh?

  5. Just like the previous Legacy Collection, since the games are just emulations, there's no way for the game to detect that certain tasks or requirements have been completed. The emulator only can detect when the game has been completed.

    1. If I recall correctly, the 360 and PS3 emulations of Sonic 1-3 & Knuckles had achievements/trophies for accomplishing certain things in-game, such as getting a certain power-up, obtaining all the Chaos Emeralds, running on water, etc. And those were simply roms running in a fancy emulator, same as here.

      Of course, it's not like Trophies or Achievements actually affect the game at all, but it is still disappointing to see them present us with the bare minimum.

    2. Actually, that's not necessarily true. They could simply write scripts in the emulator, the engine or whatever to check if the value(s) at specific adresses where information like number of e-tanks, equipped weapon etc. are equal to XX and stuff like that. I mean, that should technically be possible, they did make a "Beat game with Bass" one for example afterall, not to mention the challenges. They are most likely just being lazy as usual.

    3. I can't really imagine MM9 and 10 are emulated. With how recent they are, it'd probably be easier to just port them and have them run natively. I mean, which version would you even emulate for them for starters.

  6. I don't care about the trophies and trophies itself are stupid. It is useless, really.

    1. You & me both! It's basically the same as having some random person make you a challenge list to try. Means nothing & does nothing in game. Just a time waste to make people seem like they get more out of a game.

    2. Thumb up! Agreed!

  7. Not trophy related, but Legacy Collection II will feature the original MM 7 ending with Mega Man walking away from a burning Wily Castle!!!

    Go to 1:49:00 in video!!!

    1. Thank you. I am thinking of getting both Japan and English versions physical copies. :)

  8. Oh. Hey that's cool. They used the subtitles of the Japanese release for the games!
    Did the first legacy collection did this? I forget.

    1. It did. Except obviously the first game since it had no subtitle. The trophy was "Rock and Roll".

  9. There's also a super-secret trophy called "We hate Nintendo and we refuse to support them no matter how many tens of millions it would bring us!"

    Strange name for a trophy. I wonder how you unlock it.

  10. Still boggles my mind that the Disney Afternoon collection and MegaMan Legacy 2 weren't worth porting to the switch but Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 were at the top of their list...


    1. Because they already have Super Mario Odyssey and the untitled Kirby game for Nintendo Switch.

      Seriously, perhaps they're saving MMLC2 for a version combined with MMLC1 exclusive to Nintendo Switch, with the amiibo challenges from the 3DS version of MMLC1 in addition to new ones.


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