Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rockman X Novelization Cover Art Revealed

It's here! Feast your eyes on the cover art for Rockman X The Novel: Irregulars Report. Due on January 25th, the book is a retelling of the events of X1 written by Todoroki Tsubasa and illustrated by Rockman X manga artist Yoshihiro Iwamoto. Pre-orders are available from Amazon Japan.

On Twitter, Iwamoto previously implied this is not a simple retelling; there seems to be some kind of twist. Perhaps it has to do with the POV? It won't be long before we find out!

Source: PHPcomicx


  1. Interesting that the tear is on the side with the armor.

    1. Gotta be After x and zero fight vile for the second time

  2. If this gets an English translation, instant buy.

  3. X1 again.... Well, I wait for a sequel in this!!!

  4. Killer. I really hope this gets an official English translation down the line.

  5. Make me notice that the model for X in Marvel vs Capcom infinite seems to draw closer to how hiwamoto draw him.

  6. After X, Zero, ZX, and DASH series novelizations... Rockman DASH 3: The Novel! (wishful thinking)

  7. Such tears. Many emotional. Very pains. Much hurt. Wow.


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