Thursday, January 5, 2017

Playable Roll Sprites Are Hidden in Mega Man Mobile

Need more evidence Mega Man Mobile is based on the 2008 Rockman mobile port? Look no further: Roll's "playable" sprites are actually hidden in the game's graphic data!

Playing as Roll was the defining feature of the 2008 version (gameplay here). Even though Roll's sprites are technically in Mega Man Mobile, this feature is absent from the newly launched port. Sadly there's no telling if she'll be added in a future update. It's hard to say if we're looking at cut content or something intended for future use. Only time will tell!

Thanks to Reploid_21XX for the rip!


  1. Is her theme song and her pose picture for the intro screen available within the files too?

    1. Really late (over 2 years) but no, not in the US version and likely not in the JP version either.

  2. Hmm........ I will consider downloading it 'IF' it turns out that they will have Roll as DLC in the future. Otherwise, these still look like a port only. I mean, we already had a MM2 port in the past, so why did they re-release it with the other games? So yea, I'll only buy it if they consider Roll playable in the future.

  3. This is either extremely cool... or really upsetting, depending on what Capcom decides to do.

    In all likelihood, an update will probably remove these, though...

  4. Nice add-on but I do not care about Roll, thought.

  5. Neat, but I can see it going badly if they promote this as DLC before finding a potential solution to the framerate issues.

  6. I'll purchase these ports if they patch her back in. Otherwise, I won't bother until they rebuild the ports from scratch.


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