Monday, January 9, 2017

Mighty No. 9 Physical Backer Rewards Reportedly Still Coming

It's been six months since Mighty No. 9's launch and there's still no sign of the remaining physical backer rewards. The art book, NES/Famicom cartridge USB drives, printed game manuals and signed sketches remain missing in action. Sadly, Comcept haven't said a word on the issue - not a peep. You can e-mail them, you can tweet them, you can shout from the rooftops... and you'll still get nothing.

Fortunately someone has stepped up the the plate. The merchandising company contracted to produce the physical rewards, Fangamer, sent the following message to fans...

"Hey folks, this is Steve from Fangamer. We’ve been receiving a lot of questions from Mighty No. 9 backers regarding their remaining physical rewards, and I figured I would chime in here to clarify what’s going on from our end.

We (Fangamer) were contracted by Comcept to produce and fulfill the physical rewards (up to the $250 tier) for their Kickstarter project, however this is contingent on Comcept providing us with the necessary assets we need for fulfillment.

The question we’ve been receiving the most has been “When will you begin shipping the rewards?”. The remaining physical rewards are currently in production, and while we can provide estimates based on our (Fangamer’s) internal time-frames (e.g. Early-2017), these estimates are based on the assumption that we will receive all required assets from Comcept, and unfortunately we currently do not know when they will give them to us. Therefore, until we receive everything we need from Comcept, we cannot give a specific shipping time-frame just yet.

Also please keep in mind that our involvement in this project is limited to merch production and fulfillment for Comcept. While we’re happy to answer questions sent to our customer support email address, we are not involved with providing updates or PR for this project; that is Comcept’s responsibility.

The Mighty No. 9 shirts, plushies, and boss posters were shipped off in 2015. If you were eligible for but haven’t received these items, please contact for support."

tl;dr the rewards are still coming but Fangamer are waiting for Comcept to deliver the assets needed to actually produce said rewards.  Fangamer *hope* to ship everything out early this year, but that is entirely dependent on Comcept's diligence (or lack thereof).

So hang in there, backers. I'm afraid there's very little we can do other than wait.

Source: GoNintendo via NeoGAF (thanks, GodDamnProtoman!)


  1. Hmm, so basically very similar what I learned when I asked Fangamer at PAX and PRGE. I was hoping they would have delivered the goods by the end of the year but nope. As Dr. Doom says, "YOU HAVE NO HOPE!!!!!!!"

  2. Honestly at this point they probably forgot or don't care. So basically I paid an extra 70 bucks for a shirt and a beta.

  3. What could Comcept possibly be thinking by staying so silent on so many relevant issues? Seems a little odd of them... but then again, it could just be that "business mentality" that big-name companies share about not interacting with the fans and whatnot... Who knows?

    1. Comcept was being very open about their progress and future plans, but they were met with very intense negative press for being too ambitious/scamming/etc. So I wouldn't say that they don't *want* to interact with their fans more, but that they have instead decided that it is best avoid bad press by not making premature announcements. Really any game developer has two PR options available: Keep everyone in the loop and weather the complaints, or keep quiet and only announce things that will most likely be met with good press. Most companies seem to choose the latter option, and I believe that this is what Comcept has decided to do as well.

  4. The check from Compcept to Fangamer probably bounced.

  5. So I'm guessing the artists are taking there sweet time to thicken that artbook huh? What? I can look at a glass half full.

  6. I suppose they are still waiting for a "9/10" or "Amazing!" review to plaster on the box?
    Face it Comcept. You failed. Now, live up to your end of the bargain.

  7. I'm going to assume that the only asset Comcept has provided them with so far is the Cheetos explosion asset, as it is by far the game's most important asset. If we were to get the artbook sent as of right now, it'd be page after page of character silhouettes made out of pixelated Cheetos...

  8. *holds breath for 3ds version of the game*

    *falls over, unconscious*

    *automatically inhales, still unconcious*

  9. For the time being i have no real hope that comcept will even deliver i sure as hell hope hope they do I want the stuff i paid for to fund this god forsaken game as does everyone else.

    But i feel i will be let down just like i was with the mediocre game but well see ive been proven wrong before

  10. Hey.. give them a chance. They are being honest and everybody made a mistake. COME ON!

    1. We did give them a chance. And if you read the article, they are not being honest at all - they aren't saying anything.

    2. I'd be more willing to give them a chance if they didn't seem to try to make it a career out of this. Between over-hyping their own promises, going silent despite promising constant updates, essentially shrugging during the disaster that was the game's launch and NOW refusing to say a word about the missing physical rewards on top of STILL not giving Fangamer all of the assets for the physical rewards in the first place...No, I think I'm through giving them chances.

    3. They didn't saying thing because they must have a reason and now they are telling us. Give them a chance and see if they are telling us the truth after this article before we say bad things about them. :)

    4. Again, COMCEPT aren't saying the things in the article. It's fangamer. Comcept aren't even talking to fan-gamer.

  11. I feel real bad for Fangamer. They seem to be a real stand-up group but now they've got a whole lot of upset Mighty No.s on their backs.

    1. Don't feel bad for them(Fangamer).
      They shouldn't have been so eager to work with Comcept in the first place.

      Usually a business like Fangamer, would do check for risks and problems that would happen; If said company they are going to work for, has issues or may end up hurting their own company.

      That is standard business safety number one.
      So that they and their employees, stay safe and avoid hurting their business,

      But Fangamer did not think carefully about it.
      And now they are paying the price.
      It also does not look good when they make a statement and try to pin all the blame on Comcept.
      When after all, they are a part of this mess.

      I mean, they don't even admit that working with Comcept was a mistake. Or that the game was a mess and flop.
      They also do not show any sympathy to any backers that are waiting for rewards.
      Instead they act like the backers are the problem for them, when the backers come asking for answers.
      Even though it is Comcepts fault, and Famgamer's fault too for not giving some answers sooner.

      Long story short is:
      Fangamer is not as innocent in this mess, as they like to think they are.
      They knew the risks, but ignored it all.

    2. they're not at fault. technichally, it was suposed to be a safe deal. c'mon, they had a company endorsed by a guy who is a big name in video game, a kickstarter that skyrocketed from earth to jupiter in days, a game that was bound to be a success.
      comcept was appeared as a serious company back then, so they accepted the contract.

      Then comcept made a game that was'nt able to stand the hype of which it was the subject. Fangamer did'nt knew that will be the case, they're not friggin prescient. Same as how the thousands of peoples who backed the kickstarter, they considered that the project could not fail (because being lauched that well, they should have not been able to fail).
      saying that the game was a mess and flop? what would be the point excepet maybe getting angry with comcept ruining the very little chance to get the product manufactured some day. everyone no the game was a mess, but there's no reason to say anything about it in a post made only to inform customer that the delay on livraison is not on their part. that's not the topic, here.
      by saying "Also please keep in mind that our involvement in this project is limited to merch production and fulfillment for Comcept." they're just informing people of a fact, because, being the manufacturer, they have most likely gotten reclamation about part of the production process that are out of their control, whichi is as natural as is the fact of clarifying the situation.
      No sympathy for the backers? they're not being rude and are in fact being as sympatic as can be while maintening a professional image "hey folk" "we're more than happy to answer the question", they even remember to precise where to contact them for further information or reclaim the products that have been already manufactured in case you have not gotten them yet (which would actually be a mistake on they're part, and thus, something they're willing to fix).
      at no point did they say that the backer where a problem, they're just informing them that there's nothing they (fangamer) can do about the problem right now, which make the action of contacting them pointless.
      To be clear, i'm not saying they're all white as snow in this thing, for exemple, the comunicate did not tell if they have tryed to get in touch with comcept to reclaim the part. But they're not the one to blame here.
      Saying "it's they're fault for accpeting to work with comcept despite the risk" would be like saying "that's the fault of the backers to have accepted to give money to comcept in the first place despite the risk." that's no true.
      The ones who are not making they're part of the contract here are comcept, and even before blaming them i'd recommend to think through it carrefully.
      That's all. no that i did'nt want by any mean to sound rude toward you or anyone, and i apologize if i have been

  12. I no longer have my 3DS, which is the platform I chose. Those codes haven't come out either.

    My name 2 hours into the credits is as good as it'll get.

  13. Nah, i think they're on it, but won't try saying anything by fear of not making it in the time they would have anounced, thus facing more backlash.
    not as if it will prevent them from getting backlash, though...

  14. Sad thing is i never even got my copy of the game....

    1. have you tried contacting them? for something that simple that's must be fixable.

  15. So, legitimate question. Is it possible to take 'legal action'? I've heard of various Kickstarter things going wrong, but never anything about legal action being taken.

  16. I went from hype, to disappointment, to planning on selling everything once I got it to get back SOME of the money I wasted on this scam, to really not caring because no one will be interested to buy anything MN9 related ever. I'll probably drop everything in the same storage box where the plushie, poster and tshirt are, and keep it there collecting dust just in case 10 years from now there is some kind of hipster reignited interest on this bizarre incident (like a next generation AVGN), and I can sell everything for a decent price as history pieces then. Yes, that's the most positive thing I can expect out of MN9 at this point.


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