Monday, January 30, 2017

Rockman Crocs, Anyone? No?

Capcom will quite literally put our blue robot on anything. Anything.

By way of E-Capcom:

Crocs may be the butt of jokes in the U.S but in Japan, they're surprisingly popular. In the casual Japanese workplace, they're convenient for office wear when formal shoes and boots get stuffy on the foot. What's more they're easy to slip in and out of.

Even so, I still maintain they're ugly. And yes, they do promote bacteria parties. Try walking around in your own sweat for a day; the perfect recipe for athlete's foot.

Good grief.

Source: Rockman Unity


  1. But how can you get sweaty feet when you have Airman cooling your feet?

  2. Hate this croc. Very ugly appearance. I never understand why people bought it. UGLY AND UGLY!

  3. Just wear socks instead with it and be a fashion disaster.

  4. in better new this is out now

  5. I never knew crocs were that disliked over there in the states. I wouldn't say they are THAT popular here in Europe, but I regularly see them at my work place (a hospital).

  6. Capcom will put the blue bomber on anything, except a game.


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