Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dead Rising 4 - How to Unlock Zero, Bass & Exo Suit Zero Costumes

It wouldn't be Dead Rising without a little Mega Man cosplay, no? Dead Rising 4 is out in the wild and sure enough, there's three Mega Man-themed suits for you to find.

First up, Zero and Bass costumes. Both can be found at the Willamette City Memorial Megaplex. Zero is in the King Hero Arcade, Bass in Ja-POP! Here's a clip from Fatal Onion showing you how it's done:

The Zero Exo suit is a truly unique beast. It's a mechanized, possibly Cyberbots-inspired suit that gets the job done. It can be found at West Ridge Emergency Center. Here's Somewhat Awesome Games showing off what it does:

And that should be it for now. There's whispers of the traditional Mega Man X costume hiding somewhere but no one's found it yet. Dead Rising 4 is fairly new, mind you. Only time will tell!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  1. Pretty neat they look like Cyberbots more than Robot Masters tho.

  2. No thanks. Too Cbyerbots looking and ugly suit. Thats not Rockman X and Zero at all.

    1. It's actually Bass and Zero, X was in the past games.

    2. Oh yeah, thanks for pointing the finger. Still the same things. Too ugly.

    3. this is a dead rising game, so of course it will look like a dead rising suit in the color of Zero. they're not going to suddenly put a megaman design in a game where it would seem out of place.
      this is just a shout-out

  3. Great. Between what Protodude said and the current comments, now I want to see a mecha battle between Zero-Akuma/Gouki from Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness and that Zero suit thingy. Heh heh.


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