Saturday, December 17, 2016

Grab the New Rockman Unity App and Wallpapers Here

It's very unlikely the Rockman Unity app will come stateside in any official capacity, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying it. Thanks to the gracious efforts of Replioid_21XX, you can download the .apk file right here. Don't worry; the app itself is free. This way you can skip the hassle of setting up a Japanese Google Play account.

Also, here's that fantastic wallpaper by Shinkiro in three sizes: 640x960, 750x1334, and 1080x1920. Normally this wallpaper is won by "defeating" Cut Man in-app. But hey, here it is.

Thanks again, Reploid_21XX! Enjoy, guys.


  1. Really cool wallpaper, to bad is only for phones and not PC. I wonder if they will give more wallpapers with new artwork when the new bosses drop.

  2. Thanks for sharing the good spirit.
    Yeah, there is a ton of megaman games to play, and overall, it's good games.
    Same with fangames, there is a lot of fangames to try !
    I wait for MM2.5D, MMBN3D, X Corrupted, Chrono X etc :)
    There is still some things to do..

  3. Thanks! I was secretly wanting that background on my phone :)

  4. Mind you to write a basic tutorial for this app? It's all japanese, I cannot read it.

  5. Man Shinkiro's mix of realism and cartoon in recent years lends itself to Mega Man in a freaky and awesome way.

  6. Can u re-upload the app link, please?


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