Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mega Man Star Force Character Designer Celebrates 10th Ann. with Art!

Here's a fun little commemorative gift to all Mega Man Star Force fans: brand new 10th anniversary art from series character designer Yuji Ishahara! The keen-eyed will note Omega-Xis/War Rock singing into Harp Note's Lyra guitar. Cuuuute!

This should make for a good mobile wallpaer, no? Enjoy!

Source: Rockman Unity


  1. INSTANT WALLPAPER. Ishahara's work is some of the best in the franchise, he's one of the sole reasons the series has such god-worthy designs. His art and direction are a constant source in my inspiration, the fact that he still remembers Starforce's anniversary makes me unbelievably happy. I am truly blessed.

    1. Agreed. Could rewatch RnR every 3 months. Just so amazing.

      If only real life was this cute xD

  2. Nice artwork, I wish it was a proper wallpaper. This is my less favourite Mega Man series, the combat system and Geo's personality was such a big disappointment back in the day, it got better by the third game but never clicked with me as the Battle Network Series.

    1. that's because you expected it to be like EXE and compare it to EXE. i used to do it, too.
      of course it's not at all like EXE, but in fact that does'nt make it bad. it's it's own different thing.
      i agree with you, the emo Geo in SF1 was quite a killjoy, really. however it make the character developement he get trough the 3 games stand out even more. the guy have come to "i don't want to go to school" in 1 to fighting a giant red dragon in a meteorite and tell it "i will defeat you! you won't see the daylight tomorow).
      not to mention the whole thing in the center of a blackhole for the post game. geo in SF3 was great, but is moody set in Sf1...

    2. am i the only one who actually liked geo/subaru in the first game? the kid has canonical depression - and i guess that's a turnoff for people getting into the series, but i actually LOVED the fact that he wasn't your typical 'happy go lucky' child - his father was presumed to be dead at the time, and he didn't have much to live for, to be honest.

      while the 3rd game was obviously the best in the series, i think SF1 gets too much flak - no, its not the best thing ever, but i really do appreciate it for what it was. subaru's development is amazing, especially for a megaman/child protagonist - hes hands down my favorite megaman character because of how much i can relate too him, but i can understand why people may not like his personality at the beginning.

    3. @dani stratton No, you aren't the only person who liked Geo in the first game, I thought his depression and initially pessimistic attitude made him interesting in that it put him in stark contrast to basically every other Mega Man protagonist, especially Lan Hikari, his depression was very believable, and it allowed for a wonderful arc of character development for him, even in his depression I didn't find him annoying, in many scenes we were given insight on other aspects of his character even during his depression, for example we're shown he has some kind of natural heroic tendencies and concern for others during the Taurus scenario, when he expresses concern for what's been going on in Echo ridge at night, before stopping himself and saying "Whatever it's got nothing to do with me." He shuns these concerns to justify his current mindset that choosing not to care is the best way to avoid the pain of loss for those you care for.
      Many of his interests can be implied by the way his room looks, and we're shown that he has quite an extensive knowledge of astronomy during the Cygnus scenario as well.
      The developers found room to have fun with his character even during his depression, the dynamic he has going on with Omega-Xis is a great example of this, as are his early encounters with the Prez, Bud and Zack.

      I appreciated that even when he decided to go to school and start changing for the better, He wasn't 100% fine or normal, to elaborate, I mean that he still talked and acted like an awkward, nervous, anti-social kid, it felt realistic as he was clearly still getting adjusted, his personality didn't magically make a 180 or anything.

      Every event that happened, had Geo either learn something from it, or it usually symbolized one of his own fears and how it's possible to overcome them.

      The developers took it slow with Geo and I think it was for the better, as it made him that much more of a likable hero in my eyes, I just couldn't help rooting for him.

      As for the game itself, No it isn't the best thing ever, but it's good anyway and It's still one of my favorite Mega Man games to date.

    4. Are you kidding? X is literally the most stressed out, straight faced, depressed, pessimistic emotional character I've ever seen in the franchise. Zero from Mega Man Zero is even worse in some ways, doesn't ever and I mean ever crack a smile (maybe one time in the 20th ann poster possibly?), Mega Man Classic even looks bubbly and cute and everything but his actual character is stoic as heck he acts more responsibly than most adults do. Geo has nothing on X's moodiness.

      Only really happy go lucky main characters in Mega Man are Lan and to a slightly lesser extent Volnutt and Megaman.EXE/Hub.

  3. Cute, indeed! I think I will use it for my mobile wallpaper. Love the Star Force series. :D

  4. It's fantastic to know the character design artist didn't forget, this as well as that pic of the cast in junior high from last year have been absolute delights for me.

    Would love to see Mega Man Star Force return someday, I regret skipping out on it back in the day so bad, It strayed quite a ways away from Mega Man Battle Network, a series I grew up with and loved all too much, I backed off as a result, I came to regret everything when I finally played it in 2013, I was older and willing to give new things more of a chance, and simply took into account that while it is a successor and does share some similarities, MMSF is ultimately it's own thing, which is why it's not called MMBN7.

    The mechanics wouldn't feel right for a BN7 but they certainly felt right for a new spin on the formula, heck I actually have an easier time returning to the MMSF series than I do most BN entries, and again Star Force 3 was really good, it's up there with the Mega Man big dogs in my book.

  5. Man I love the Mega Man franchise in terms of art, most of them are really well done and bring something to the table. In this series' case hyper crisp lining and detailed designs with super dynamic vibrant CG coloring.

  6. Awesome ... Only thing is I wish the next artbook that compiles the new artwork from future things is released digitally as well so I don't need to update books all the time and have it be convenient to carry around in one device.


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